Receiving the Evcharist: Jesus Wept and Wild Turkey 101

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Two weeks in a row, must’ve had fun last time. Anyway, I’m back with another good pairing so let’s drink DEEP from the cup of heresy. This week’s offerings:  Jesus Wept‘s Psychedelic Degeneracy and Wild Turkey 101.

The Tunes:  Jesus Wept – Psychedelic Degenracy

Jesus Wept - Psychedelic Degeneracy

Detroit Michigan’s Jesus Wept made a splash in the death metal deep end with their debut EP Crushing Apartheid and then the following compilation aptly titled Apartheid Redux, but with Psychedelic Degeneracy, they blow up the whole damn pool. Yes, it is another EP and I really wanted a full length, but what we got is four songs that sidle up closer to Carcass than the slight hardcore feel of their past and I’m all here for it. The melodic swagger of the title track and machine gun speed at the opening of “Dispossession” shows a band with a wide net of capabilities and one that has seriously come a long way in a short time even though they could’ve just rested on what they had and all would have been right in the world. However, the songwriting here is what pops the most; they’ve focused on the actual songs rather than the EP as a whole – extremely memorable and extremely catchy. As an ode to the degeneration of the human experience and moral compasses everywhere, this is brutal, melodic, gnarly, and nasty and most of the time all at once. Bravo. And, more please.

The Booze: Wild Turkey – 101

Just like last week’s pick, I’ve known of Wild Turkey for as long as I’ve known what alcohol is and the difference from last week’s pick is I’ve been drinking it in some form or expression since the 90s. 101 is their flagship bourbon and for good reason: it’s incredibly drinkable and incredibly good for a $25 price point. The mashbill here and for all of the WT line is the same at 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley and again, it’s in that certain sweet spot that I could sit for hours and sip on, and have on occasion. 101 has an amazing mouthfeel right off that’s slightly oily as it opens up with rye spice, oak, and vanilla. And no, it’s not a super sweet vanilla but just enough for taste. The finish is warm with spice as the vanilla fades and the oak takes over, and solid all the way through. At this low price point, Wild Turkey makes sure that bourbon drinkers don’t miss a quality bourbon which is why if you know bourbon, you know Wild Turkey. I haven’t met an expression of the brand that I don’t like and have at least one, or more, of each of these in my cabinet at all times. Bottoms up!

So, go grab a bottle of 101 and a copy of Psychedelic Degeneracy and let the good times roll.

Cheers and as brother Vincent says, be good to each other,

– Josh

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