Profile: Shon of Synapse Defect

Synapse Defect
Synapse Defect

Last month Atlanta transplants Synapse Defect released Gridsludge, a single taken from their upcoming album Quantitative Easing. The band identifies as a cross between death metal and grindcore which, based on this single, is a fair take. But that’s not the complete picture, one run through of the track and technical, mathy and even alienesque seem to paint the complete picture. Behind the single’s release and ahead of the album we had the opportunity to ask Shon our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and while you’re there take a listen to Gridsludge. Continue reading

Profile: Tim Kenefic of Death on Fire

Death on Fire - Tim Kenefic
Tim Kenefic

Back in May of this year Death on Fire, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Tim Kenefic, released Lazerwulf Demos. The band’s blend of classic metal, thrash, death and even a touch of experimentation translates extremely well and even though it may not sound like it on paper, it is indeed cohesive, and not to mention, a multi-headed beast of an effort. Death on Fire is currently working on new material so stay tuned for more information on that. But for now, head inside to get acquainted with Kenefic via his answers to our set of Profile questions.

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Profile: Kyle Rasmussen of Vitriol

Vitriol – pic courtesy of Charlotte Gane

We here at Nine Circles are telling you here and now: this death / extreme metal band from Portland, Oregon are the real deal. Vitriol will be releasing their independent EP, Pain Will Define Their Deathon November 10 and you need to be the first in line to grab a copy. This is a band that could care less about trends or whatever the current metal “spice of the day” is and aren’t afraid to tell you as much. They instead rely on what is extreme to them and what gets their point across that humanity is a dumpster fire of epic proportions and they have the soundtrack to prove it. Indeed, Hate Eternal, Nile and Deathspell Omega will be used as jump off points for describing their sound but within the three tracks that grace Pain Will Define Their Death, this band weilds the power to split the genre wide open. As luck would have it, we had an opportunity to ask Kyle Rasmussen (guitars, vocals) our set of Profile questions and he was an absolute champ with his responses and it is a MUST read. Move on it and be on the lookout for the EP to hit Bandcamp… Continue reading

Profile: Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli from Klogr

Klogr – photo courtesy of Massimo Costoli

Alt-metal band Klogr will be releasing their latest album Keystone on October 6 through Zeta Factory and today we have a Profile of vocalist/guitarist Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli. Alt-metal has its chinks to be sure and mostly due to the 90’s output of bands that shared that tag but rest assured that while Klogr may, within their melodies, remind the listener of that same 90’s era they for sure are far removed from any of that same chinking effect. The band focuses on social and environmental themes with their lyrics in an attempt to raise awareness on both. Their music lies within the heavy rock spectrum and they put forth a load of emotion in every track. Keep reading to see what “Rusty” had to say to our Profile questions and be sure to check out Keystone next month. Continue reading

Profile: Max Lindstrom of God Mother

God Mother
God Mother – pic courtesy of Stephen Odom

Sweden has produced many of metal’s outstanding acts over the years and this tradition continues with God Mother who will be releasing their second full length, Vilseledd, on October 20 via Party Smasher Inc. The band’s combination of grind, sludge and hardcore defies easy one word genre classification and is as much at home during spastic flurries of angular dissonance as it is with noisy experimentation. If the band’s debut Maktbehov impressed with its no-holds barred approach, Vilseledd ups the ante with a matured fury that said debut only dreamed of. Ahead of the album’s release we got the chance to ask guitarist Max Lindstrom our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and by all means, take a listen while you’re at it.

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