Profile: David Cleere of Bailer


On the heels of three bare knuckle EP’s, Ireland bred Bailer are readying their full length debut, Disposable Youth, and it’s an atom bomb of grim, metallic hardcore born from a world that has literally gone to hell in a hand basket. The album is truly a testament to where they’ve been in a sense of maturing from the EP’s and molding that early sound into a gnarly beast that is as nihilistic as it is heavy. Just ahead of the album’s release we posed our set of Profile questions to bassist David Cleere to get some background on him and the band. Read on to see how it went down and do be sure to pick up a copy from the links contained within. 

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Profile: Jordan Milner of The Breathing Process

The Breathing Process

The fact that The Breathing Process set a benchmark back in 2008 for infusing symphonic black metal into deathcore coupled with the fact that their just released fourth full length, Labyrinthian, is their best yet is nothing short of impressive. In fact, there’s very little ‘core’ left to their sound other than a brutalicious breakdown here and there. It’s an album that steps on the gas just before the green light and doesn’t let off until the last second of its nearly an hour runtime and EPIC is definitely a worthy descriptor, particularly when the symphonic aspect of their sound trickles in around the edges. We recently had the chance to pose our Profile questions to guitarist Jordan Milner to get some insights so read on to see how it went down and be sure to snag a copy from the links contained within.

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Profile: Callum John Cant of Tyrannus


What do you get when you mix Absu and Mortuary Drape with crusty speed metal? Survey says: Scotland based Tyrannus. The band has a self titled EP and recently released three track It Taketh demo to their name thus far and comparing the two is like hearing a band trying to claw their way to idea fruition and hearing these ideas come roaring to life. Their demo may not be fully fleshed out as far as band members are concerned however, these three tracks are buzzsaws to the ears full of whipping black and death metal with a psychedelic lean and extremely high on octane. We wanted to know more so we posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist and guitarist Callum John Cant to get the scoop. Read on to see how it went down and be sure to show them some support via the links contained within.

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Profile: David Schellenberg of Noise Titans Tunic

There are times when I’m speaking on noise rock albums that I’ll reference huge names such as AmRep or The Jesus Lizard and there’s good reason for that in certain scenarios. I guess you could say that falls under the RIYL category, but with noise rock it’s different since it’s such a unique style of music that, for me, should evoke the feeling of being put through the ringer and needing a cleansing after listening. BUT, this is only experienced when said noise rock album is done right and the name dropping is, again, only apt when done right. And, on Quitter, Winnipeg, Canada’s Tunic does noise rock the right way: obtuse, jagged, extremely loud and pummeling in such a way that it bruises to the core. However, there’s another element to their approach that makes this album, and their back catalog, even more of a noise homerun which is the realism in the lyrics, the real time experiences that color each track, and the scathing vocal delivery from David Schellenberg. Ahead of the album’s release, we had the chance to ask David our set of Profile questions to gain some insight on him, the band, and their sound so jump in and see how it went down. And do be sure to grab a copy from the links contained within.

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