Profile: Jamie Waggett of Grief Ritual

Grief Ritual

The UK’s Grief Ritual are a band that fits perfectly in the state of the world right now as they wield charred metallic hardcore along with death and post-metal on their just released debut EP Spiritual Disease. The EP’s title is “a metaphor for the mental illness brought on by the despotic state of the world…” and between the savage lyrics and even more savage five tracks contained, it’s a warhead of grim aggression. We recently posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist Jamie Waggett to gain some insight and background surrounding the band and what drove them to this EP. Jamie was more than gracious with his replies so head directly below to see how it went down and be sure to grab your copy from the links contained within. 

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Profile: Ricardo Pereira of Moonshade


When it comes to melodic death metal with an epic story about nature, mankind, and cultural evolution of civilizations, look no further than As We Set The Skies Ablaze from Moonshade. It’s been four years since their debut, Sun Dethroned, was released and it seems the band used that time wisely to focus on tighter songwriting and better storytelling. While being grounded in melodic death metal the music here is more forward thinking and at times drifts into progressive stratospheres and even walks a tech death tightrope. This all may sound like a mouthful, but Moonshade nails the landing with an album that’s heavier, deeper, and more memorable. Just ahead of the album’s release, we posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist Ricardo Pereira to find out more. Read on below to see how it went down and be sure to secure your own copy from the links contained within.

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Profile: Mike McClatchey of Lament Cityscape

Image courtesy of Mike McClatchey

Industrial music is pliable and can be bent to the will of whatever artist wields its power. Ministry made it a rock ‘n’ roll hot rod, Godflesh made it a religion, Fear Factory made it a metal mainstay, and so on and so forth. To me, the real success of industrial music is if it has the ability to paint a horrid, twisted landscape in the mind’s eye and offer an unsettling feeling to go with it. Over the course of the past decade and a cavalcade of releases, Lament Cityscape has sharpened their sound in such a way that it does exactly that on new album A Darker Discharge. Imagine being on the sidelines for world destruction then venturing out to witness twisted steel, crumbling facades, a populous decimated, and having the insurmountable feeling of what life will look like while knowing any sort of remaining life cycle will be short and probably impossible. Captivating is an understatement and the fact that mainman Mike McClatchey approaches this thing with body horror in mind makes it all the more terrifying. This is one of the best culminations of noise, sludge, and industrial metal to blaze through our ears in quite some time but also one of the most anchored to modern day atrocities as can be. We recently posed our set of Profile questions to Mike and below we present his responses. While you’re here, hit the links contained within to secure your own copy.

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Profile: Michael Kadnar and Lulu Black of This Is Oblivion

This Is Oblivion
Image courtesy of Sarah Adler

This Is Oblivion are on the eve of releasing their self-titled debut and if dark, moody, captivating, and heavy as lead (not talking pig squeals and pinch harmonics here) are considered a good time, run and don’t walk to get your copy now. The duo of Michael Kadnar and Lulu Black have on their hands a debut release that winds effortlessly through doomy dirges, dark folk, industrial tinges, and whip smart lyrics with extremely engrossing and catchy song craft. No doubt comparisons have, and will, be made to Chelsea Wolfe but that’s only a small piece of the pie. The album is “an exploration of the cyclical nature of connection” which is heard throughout as the songs play out like draining seasons or the feeling of meeting new friends or the nature of losing someone close. I said before this album is engrossing and that’s putting it lightly, it tugs at the deep recesses of the brain and soul and not only creates a connection but begs for further exploration. Just ahead of the album’s release we posed our set of Profile questions to pull back the curtain a little and gain more knowledge of this project so read on to see how it went down and be sure to grab a copy via the links contained within.

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Profile: Mark Bronzino of Kontusion

Kontusion – image courtesy of Aaron Brown

Sometimes an album cover can give honest insight into its contents and one look at the cover of Kontusion’s self-titled debut EP clearly states ‘primitive’ death metal. If for some reason you missed that cue, the four tracks that comprise this effort will make anyone a believer. Honestly, it should come as no surprise as Mark Bronzino and Chris Moore are the duo behind it and together they’ve been involved in bands such as Repulsion, Mammoth Grinder, Coke Bust, and Ghostemane just to name a few. This slab of putrified death is at once raw and classic yet fresh and morbid as hell, just BEGGING for fans all across the more extreme side of metal to experience the thrill ride that’s been nearly fifteen years in the making. Just ahead of the EP’s release, we had the chance to pose our Profile questions to Mark so read on below to see how it went down and do grab a copy from the links contained within! Trust us on this.

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