Album Review: Darkthrone — “Eternal Hails…..”

The world is changing. Faster than anyone would believe, and faster yet in the last year. It’s terrifying and impossible to unsee: in the vicious upheaval of the past year where everyone moved a thousand miles an hour in a thousand different directions it felt like there were fewer and fewer things to cling to. Where were the anchor points, the tethers to a known quantity…something to remind us of the underlying laws of the universe?

Far off in the distance something looms at the horizon. A shape of immeasurable size, and a sound that reverberates in frequencies older than the dinosaurs start to roll in like a massive tide that has been building and building forever…eternally, one could say.

They are back. We stare into the inky unknown black of the night and know that whatever happens, Darkthrone have returned to light the Earth with the torch of heavy metal, to scorch the ground with the prehistoric concussion of Eternal Hails….., the latest piece of evidence that the Old Ones still walk among us, and they have zero interest in anything but the Almighty Riff.

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Majestic Downfall’s Jacobo and Alÿ on “Aorta,” the draw of doom, European vs. American fans, and much more!

Majestic Downfall trade in some epic doom that stretches and luxuriates in melancholic surges of blood and tears. Aorta is their latest testament to the power of the morose, and it’s a feat of stirring arrangements, mournful melodies, and a bass sound that burrows under your skin and lays its eggs deep in the flesh. It touches on the classic 90s era of the scene without mimicking it, and it’s one of those albums you’ll be feeling in your bones long after the last note is played.

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Premiere: Gargowitch — “Cannibal Troten”

You may recall the premiere of “Les doigts de lampée – De la merde, lacustre – Cannibal troten“ back in March right here at Nine Circles. That stream, of course, was brought forth in anticipation of the first ever physical release of the first demos from French black noise practitioners Gargowitch, Avidee and Cannibal Troten. And today, it is our absolute pleasure to share the entirety of the mind-numbing journey that is Cannibal Troten, the latter of the two releases. Get lost in the 46 minutes of complete chaos immediately after the jump.

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Receiving the Evcharist:  MŮRA and Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Chocolate Cherry Stout

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Hello friends!  It is the first Friday of the month and you know what that means—Bandcamp Friday!  Time to support some of your favorite artists (if you can/want…I’m not here to peer pressure) as Bandcamp waves their revenue fee today.  I know that one of my purchases will be this dynamite EP that I am about to dive into as it is time to drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  MŮRA‘s Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals and Firestone Walker’s Brewing Company‘s Chocolate Cherry Stout.

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Cave Of Swimmers’ Arturo Garcia on new album “Aurora,” efficiency of being a duo, origin of the band’s name, how his drumming career started, and so much more!

Cave Of Swimmers have been around since 2012 and have finally released their debut full length Aurora. And what a surprise it is after two EP’s worth of what could be described as “doom-prog.” This album shifts effortlessly between a Mars Volta meets System of a Down vibe to a thrashtastic Megadeth vibe while giving a world music spin to their particular brand of metal. It’s a mouthful on paper but rest assured it works seamlessly and is an absolute blast to experience.  Head below to get the details of a recent chat between Buke and drummer Arturo Garcia.

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