Profile: Caryn Havlik of Mortals, Slaywhore & Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls!


Caryn Havlik is more than just a contributor to this here website. She’s also the drummer of the influential blackened sludge band Mortals and the all female Slayer cover band Slaywhore. She also volunteers at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls which instructs, encourages and supports young women in their quest to become stars of the rock and roll stage. There are links throughout to the many projects that Caryn is involved with. As some of you might know the #MetalBandcampGiftClub has named Willie Make Rock Camp as the beneficiary of all proceeds. You can help too by donating here. Or you can check out the Willie Mae Rock Camp store for some badass threads. At any rate, Caryn is one of my most favoritest people and I implore you to read about her life and support all the wonderful things that she does. Continue reading

Album Review: BLACK YO)))GA Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1

bvlack yoga asanas ritual vol 1

Let me preface this by saying that up until I decided to pick this particular review assignment, I had NEVER DONE YOGA. I had long been repelled by what I thought would be required stillness, or perhaps it was my perception of the yoga stereotype and awful outfits. Really, though, I had just needed the way in, which this concept of yoga marketing certainly is. Just make it dark or metal, right? OK. Black Yo)))ga with instructor Kimee Massie, I’m gullible enough to play along. (Editorial Note: Caryn’s outfits are, regrettably, horrible. But we assure you that her fashion choices were meant to mimic her Yo)))ga abilities.) Continue reading