Nine Circles ov…Vintersorg


Andreas Hedlund, aka Vintersorg, aka Mr. V (if you believe his Wikipedia page) was a prime component of my re-entry into extreme metal.  After falling in with Opeth’s Morningrise I wasn’t sure where to head next, so I went to the record store and maxed out my credit card randomly picking up a bunch of CDs I thought looked cool.  The first one I listened to was Empiricism by Borknagar, and while my response to the music was lukewarm (more an issue with the production than the actual songwriting) the vocals hooked me immediately.  As fate would have it one of the other CDs I picked up was Vintersorg’s Cosmic Genesis, and listening to that I began to get the sense of just how much versatility and talent this guy had.

So much versatility and talent it’s taken at least seven different bands to contain him so for this week’s Nine Circles ov… let’s dive into some of the music created by, driven buy, or enhanced by the man some (I don’t know who) know as Mr. V.   Continue reading

Album Review: Falls of Rauros – “Vigilance Perennial”

vigilance perennial

I’ve always found it very easy to talk about the things that I like. It’s part of the reason why I got involved in writing as a creative outlet; I love discussing my passions and I usually have an easy time describing the things I enjoy. It’s rare that an album leaves me completely speechless, yet now I am faced with just such a scenario. I strive in all things to be professional, however, so I am going to give my best attempt to tell you why Falls of RaurosVigilance Perennial will very likely be one of the best albums you will hear all year.   Continue reading

Album Review: Marsh Dweller – “The Weight of Sunlight”

marsh dweller the weight of sunlight album cover

Even before you’ve heard a note of Marsh Dweller‘s debut full-length, The Weight of Sunlight, there’s a good chance you’ll have it figured out. (And no, that’s not a slight against it.) The album depicts a blurry, snow-covered forest on its cover, and boasts guest appearances from members of Obsequiae and Nechochwen. In one of his other projects, mastermind John Owen Kerr plays alongside none other than Panopticon’s Austin Lunn. Connect the dots, kids: you’re getting 40-odd minutes of melodic, folk-tinged black metal, and you’re going to like it. (And yes, that is a statement of fact. This thing’s quite good.)  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Kawir – “Sacrificia Nocturna”


This review of Kawir’s 20-year anniversary release Sacrificia Nocturna was originally written for a metal magazine that never ended up being published. With its cancellation, this review never saw the light of day until now. Seeing as it offers an overview of all of Kawir’s material up until the release of their brand-new album Father Sun Mother Moon, we offer this article as an introduction to and celebration of their entire oeuvre. Continue reading

Profile: Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry

Photo Courtesy of Derek Soto of “Sinestra Studios”

Tengger Cavalry are one of the more interesting bands on the planet. Combining Mongolian Folk singing, Tuvan throat singing and heavy metal the band creates quite an atmosphere. Their live shows are also excellent (we reviewed on here). Their combination of musicianship and charisma (particularly their frontman, Nature Ganganbaigal, interviewed below) are truly unique in their genre. With an exciting and interesting upbringing, a penchant for metal and a nose for his own culture, Nature is truly one of a kind. So follow the jump for his words and thoughts. Continue reading