Album Review:  Bhleg — “Fäghring”

I have been enamored with Swedish black/folk metal band Bhleg ever since my other half reviewed the trio’s previous album back in January of 2021.  I am excited to see Bhleg back at it again so quickly with their latest release, Fäghring.  Additionally, this is the fourth and final installation of their album tetralogy “Ár.”  Each album from Bhleg is more refined, dynamic, and impressive than the last, and Fäghring is no exception.  Unique instrumentation, vocal variety, and intricate compositions make this album a must listen and an epic finale to “Ár.”  Bhelg have mastered the world of black metal and folk music and continue to grow and perfect their distinctive sound.

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Album Review: Bhleg — “Ödhin”

I’m a simple man.  I see a Nordvis promo and I click it.  We all have our labels that we’ve come to instantly associate with quality in our heads, and for me it doesn’t get much better than the Swedish label’s self-styled brand of “poor music for poor people.”  I haven’t yet met a release of theirs that I didn’t appreciate, and I certainly didn’t see that trend stop when I picked up Ödhin, the newest release from Swedish folk/black metal duo Bhleg (who may just have the best name on the scene right now). 

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Rainbows in the Dark: Hagathorn — “Hartworld”

I’ll be honest here: I’m feeling a little burned out on heavy music as of late.  Not that there hasn’t been a long list of stellar heavy releases this year, not that I’ll never go back to it, but I just feel tired of loud and aggressive when everything outside the music world is almost unbearably loud and aggressive.  I need a break, something that does a better job of helping me escape and take my mind away to a better, more peaceful place.  Enter Hagathorn and their debut release Hartworld, which rings incredibly close to what I need.

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Rainbows in the Dark: Forndom — “Faþir”

It’s been a really good week for me on the “I get to review awesome albums” front.  I’m still reeling from Aara’s new release and next week is going to feature some bangers as well.  Your boy is truly blessed, and even though you might be looking at this page and saying “oh my god, not another folk album,” please know that Forndom’s Faþir isn’t your average folk album and also, you’re not my real mom and I don’t care.  It rules. It’s time for Rainbows in the Dark, featuring the best of all things non-metal and metal-adjacent. Continue reading

Album Review: Grift — “Budet”

It kinda feels like winter is never going to end here in the Midwest.  The skies are still cold and grey and the snow is still coming down, which would make my work commute a real pain if I wasn’t told to work from home for the next three weeks.  I’m a pretty big fan of the snow and the cold, and even though I know it’s not supposed to be here, I’m trying to look on the upside of things.  There’s a beauty in the melancholy, and nobody shows that better than Sweden’s Grift on their new release Budet. Continue reading