Falls of Rauros’ Jordan Guerette on “Key to a Vanishing Future,” simplicity in music, and more!

Falls of Rauros

Portland, Maine, black metallers Falls of Rauros released their sixth full-length, Key to a Vanishing Future, on March 25. As you may already be aware, Key earned our Album of the Month honors here at Nine Circles, and it represents a tremendous next step in the evolution of a band for which our staff is quickly running out of superlatives.

On the eve of its release, Buke hopped on a call with guitarist Jordan Guerette to discuss a whole multitude of topics: the new album, the process of sonic evolution, simplicity in music… even the simple process of existing as a band during a global pandemic. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety.

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CANTO: Amon Amarth, Animals As Leaders, Ignite, and More

My Abbath-looking dog is god damn hyper. Unfamiliar territory. Anyway, Thursday news and shit I guess…

  • We’ll kick off the evening with the new single from Animals As Leaders, titled “Gordian Naught”. That, of course, is the latest offering from Parrhesia, which is out on March 25th through Sumerian Records.
  • Including new material from Amon Amarth feels like an obvious decision. Check out the new single and video for “Put Your Back Into The Oar”. It’s also available for purchase, if you want to add a picture disk to your collection.
  • Germany’s atmospheric folk metal project Mosaic has announced a new album through Eisenwald. Heimatspuk will be out on all formats on April 22nd. Check out the brand new track, “Wir sind Geister”, to get a sense of what’s coming.
  • And Without Waves also unveiled a new single today. “Sleight in Shadows” is the latest sample from their third album, Comedian, which drops on March 18th through Prosthetic Records.
  • This Thursday round-up has had a very Friday feel. The video we’ll close with today comes from Ignite, for “This Day”. Their self-titled album drops on March 25th through Century Media.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Desaster, Shape of Despair, Arch Enemy, and More

Yep, another day just like yesterday! At least there’s a blizzard coming.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Shape of Despair, Ceremonial Castings, Vincent Crowley, and More

Another day down, two more until vacation.

  • We’ll lead off with Shape of Despair, who premiered a new track today. The funeral doom veterans are releasing their new full-length, Return to the Void, on February 25th through Season of Mist. The newest track, “Dissolution”, is available for streaming here.
  • Archspire are premiering the Bleed the Future studio documentary. That takes place tomorrow, December 22nd, at 2:00 PM EST. That will give a behind the scenes look at the making of their new album. That should be a good time, so check it out.
  • In case you weren’t aware, I’ll remind you that The Lonely Ones are hitting the road next month, following a couple dates with Sevendust this month. And then they have more dates in April! So yeah, busy first half of 2022 for them. Should be good.
  • Ceremonial Castings are releasing the 25th anniversary double-album Our Journey Through Forever on February 25th through Eisenwald. To pass a little bit of time, hear the brand new recording of “Immortal Black Art” here.
  • And we’ll close with the new video from Vincent Crowley for “Masquerade Du Macabre”. That’s taken from the debut album, which dropped back in May through Odium Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Rainbows in the Dark: Osi and the Jupiter — “Stave”

I don’t think I will ever quite forget the first time I heard Appalachia.  It was not my first exposure to Osi and the Jupiter, but it was definitely the moment where everything clicked.  That moment specifically was “They Ride Through the Sky on Horse Drawn Chariots,” where I finally realized just how incredibly special their music could be, and just how deeply transcendent of an experience listening to it is.  Even though it was only three songs, I did wonder how the next release from the duo would fare in terms of keeping that momentum going.  Wonder no more: Stave provides a sturdy bridge that connects the band’s past to the bright future ahead of them.

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