Initial Descent: July 3 – 9, 2022


Here in the States we’re celebrating Independence Day which means a lot of things that…you can look up on the interwebs. These days, it’ll be celebrated with tons of fireworks that will go on for far too long, all the breweries will be kept afloat for the next month or so just off this one day, and many of us will have the day off. Whether you celebrate or not, today also means a fresh new batch of metal releases that kicks off with a trio of death metal albums; first up is a vicious one from Altars, second up uncovers some delicious deathgrind from Defect Designer, and the last of this trifecta is of the brutal death and slam variety from Organectomy. Then we’ve got a wicked stoner doom effort from Telekinetic Yeti, and, as always, a long list of other releases worthy of tracking down. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy, and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

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Initial Descent: June 19-25, 2022

Andy Marshall of SAOR

Man, it’s been a while since I did one of these. I think I pulled a muscle just typing that last sentence. But, our fearless leader Josh is taking a very, VERY well-deserved vacation, so you’ve got me for this edition. I’ll try not to disappoint too much. Lucky for you, (maybe?) there are some bands I know releasing stuff this week! We start with Saor, who returns with full-length No. 5, Origins. I still fondly remember the early days of this blog, when Corey and I didn’t know about folky black metal and thus promptly had our minds blown by the band’s then-new album, Aura. Good to see ’em back. Let’s see, who else… oh! Khold! Pretty sure I know them! The Norwegians return with their first full-length slab of black metal in almost eight years. Not into black metal? How about some good, old-fashioned Swedish death? Well, good news: Paganizer is also back this week! We also have a highlight that… isn’t really metal, per se, but still kinda exciting: the first reunion album from Canadian post-hardcore legends Alexisonfire. That’s just four highlights, so you know what to do from here: hit the link below and peep the full list!

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Initial Descent: February 13 – 19, 2022


Every time I see another news blip that Chris Barnes has opened his mouth, I shake my head and wonder why he’s even talking. For a guy that hasn’t put out a good death metal album in 23 years, he sure can talk some stupid shit. So, in case you missed it, just type it in the search bar and read up for a good laugh. MOVING ON… speaking of good excellent death metal, Immolation are back with a beast of an album and again, I get to knock off another preorder for one of my highly anticipated releases. Much excite. The death metal rolls on with speed freaks Schizophrenia and techies The Last of Lucy, Pike vs The Automaton lands and it’s absolutely Matt Pikeian (good, good thing), and we close with tons more in the list below. By the way, death metal ain’t dead folks. It’s just getting better everyday.

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Initial Descent: January 16 – 22, 2022


Is it too early to say that 2022 can jump in the fire?? On top of everything else that’s sucking, by the time you read this, here in the South, we will either be business as usual or sitting here feeding gas in generators post Snow-Ice-Mageddon 2022. UGH. Eyes forward though…this will be the last week for a while that the quantity of new metal is weak so be prepared for locust invasion levels to resume. Quality? Who knows but you can rest assured there will be plenty to choose from. This week we’ve got death metal from Abyssus, dream pop (yep, you read that right) from SOM, black / death from Chaos Perversion, and a handful more in the list that follows. Hop to it and we’ll see you ‘round these parts through the week…maybe, as long as gas is plentiful.

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Album Review: Necrophagous — “In Chaos Ascend”

necrophagous - in chaos ascend

The holidays are over. You’ve stuffed and gorged yourselves with every manner of confection and alcohol. It’s a new year. Time to back to the essentials. Time to stop evaluating metal on provocation and progression and evolution and esthetic sense. I need the basic building blocks: blast beats, detuned guitars, and growls that shake the earth. Give me my meat and potato death metal, I say to you. Give me my Necrophagous, my In Chaos Ascend and let me cleanse the soul with death metal that’s content to be death metal. Let it punch my gut, stomp my head against the curb and then pick me up like a good metal brother and do the dance again.

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