Album Review: Tribunal — “The Weight of Remembrance”

Flickering candles make shadows dance around the room as rain steadily taps on the windows.  Lightning flashes momentarily illuminating impossibly dark skies.  The storm continues, seemingly unending.  Gothic doom duo Tribunal conjures these images through their haunting music.  Making their mark with their impressive debut, The Weight of Remembrance, these seven tracks swirl to envelop listeners and bring them in.  Vast soundscapes are created by the two members of the band—Soren Mourne contributing bass, cello, vocals and Etienne Flinn contributing guitar, vocals—while guest musicians provide some extra dramatics and rhythms.  This up and coming band has started their discography off strong with this dark and beautiful debut.

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CANTO: Raum Kingdom, Tribunal, Grymmstalt, and More

There are busy, but fun, days ahead! The metal news, however, is light and notably less fun this time of year.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”