Receiving the Evcharist – Aversio Humanitatis and Smoke on the Porter, Fire in the Rye

Receiving the Evcharist

Greetings, dear readers! To ramp up our collective response to the deluge of excellent metal and inventive craft beer unleashed upon humanity, I’ve enlisted to provide heavy artillery support to Vincent in his unending quest to form heart-throbbing, liver-caressing unions of prime representatives from both realms. So, let’s begin the campaign with a veritable Tsar Bomba, shall we? The Metal: Aversio Humanitatis’ Longing for the Untold. The Booze: To Øl’s Smoke on the Porter, Fire in the Rye. Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Qrixkuor and City of the Dead

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome once again, dear readers, to another blessed sacrament. I hope everyone reading this has had a good week; for me, this has been one of the best weeks I can remember having in a long time. That doesn’t mean that we can’t revel in the power of dark metal and dark beer, however, and this weeks offering is some of the darkest of both that I could find. The Metal: Qrixkuor’s Three Devils Dance.  The Booze: Modern Times Brewing’s City of the Dead.   Continue reading

Album Review: Funebrarum – “Exhumation of the Ancient”


Old-school death metal legends/members of Funebrarum have been steadily releasing material for the past seventeen years, starting with three demos after the band’s inception in 2000, resulting in the release of their debut full-length album, Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods, in 2001. After some splits and EPs, their massive effort, The Sleep of Morbid Dreams, dropped in 2009. It is 2017, and last year’s very quiet release of the band’s latest EP, Exhumation of the Ancient, marks another milestone and evolutionary stop-gap for the band before the current line-up debuts a full-length album in the near future. Continue reading

Album Review: Kriegszittern // Minenfeld (Split)


If you know me, or if you’ve been paying attention to what I discuss in my writing, you will notice my favorite metal albums tend to be those on the more experimental side. I’m no genre purist; I like bands whose music pulls from different, often contradictory places and makes the listener work for their reward. From last year’s Palace of Worms album to Laster’s Ons Vrije Fatum release last month, I love a good witch’s brew of influences in an album. Sometimes, though, I just don’t feel like working that hard, and in those times, I turn to my other favorite kind of metal: bone crunching, dirty death metal. Enter Caligari Records’ release of a Split from Kriegszittern and Minenfeld to quench my thirst for something satisfyingly primitive and heavy.   Continue reading

Album Review: Tomb Mold – “Primordial Malignancy”


Sometimes a band’s career is a slow build to something great and sometimes a band comes bursting out of the gate already on fire. Tomb Mold sit squarely in the latter category. The band stands poised to drop Primordial Malignancy, their first full length album and third release in just shy of a year. This frantic pace may seem rushed to some, but Tomb Mold prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their attack is calculated.
Continue reading