Throwback Thursday: Headbanger’s Ball

Headbanger's Ball

After nearly an 8 year run the footlights went out for the original Headbangers Ball at the end of January 1995. By this point it wasn’t much of a surprise, at least to me. The show had become a shell of its own self. Long gone were the days of rowdy interviews and comical backstage mishaps. The programming shifted into the mainstream rock and grunge thing that was happening at that time and left its roots to rot and die a slow death. During its peak though, the show was my favorite two hours of tv and thus is the focus of this edition of tbt. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Cannibal Corpse’s “Eaten Back to Life” Turns 25


So this week’s Throwback is gonna go in a completely different direction that last week’s. Let’s talk about Cannibal Corpse. Oh, Cannibal Corpse — the death metal giants I’ve had so many opportunities to see and just never cared enough to make it happen. While my apathy towards them is really unparalleled, there’s no denying their comically gruesome take on death metal is recognized across the globe. But I guess when you’ve been doing your thing for a quarter-century, you’ve done something right along way. Yes, you heard. A quarter-century. Cannibal Corpse’s debut album, Eaten Back to Life, came out 25 years ago. That’s worth some recognition.

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