The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Ahab was January 2023’s Album of the Month!

It’s Album of the Month time again and for this edition, Ahab’s fifth full length, The Coral Tombs was nearly a unanimous pick among the staff. Buke once again captains the episode along with Ian, Angela, Colin, and Vince. The conversation opens with a lengthy back and forth on beer then dives head first into the album, how it compares to past efforts, and deep thoughts surrounding this band’s legacy to date. Elsewhere, the gang spends a good portion of the runtime gushing over everything else they listened to since they last spoke. That and the usual banter back and forth on literally anything and everything.

In other words, just another episode of the Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Best of 2022!

Best of 2022

List season has been in full swing here, as well as across the metal writing sphere, and we still have more fun to be had there. And yes, we love list season in case you were wondering. For this episode our maestro of the mic, Buke, pulls together Hera, Ian, Vincent, Angela, and two new members who have jumped in with both feet: Colin and Dan M., to discuss some of their favorites from 2022 and of course a lot of catching up was had since the last time these folks chatted together. The format “loosely” follows a round robin style of five picks with some honorable mentions thrown in for good measure. From there the conversation is all over the place as we do on these episodes of The Nine Circles Audio Thing. Be sure to pull up a chair and your favorite drink(s), this one is a bit longer than our norm.

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Autarkh III on Complexity Fest 2022, a vinyl release of “Roadburn Redux 2021,” and more!


Autarkh III is a mind blowing collective of musicians that are pushing metal far beyond its boundaries. This week, July 23 to be exact, the band will be performing at Complexity Fest 2022 located at Patronaat in Haarlem, Netherlands. And on this same date will be offering a special vinyl version of Roadburn Redux 2021, which we covered as our Album of the Month when it was digitally released back in April. If you’ll remember, this album is an alternative timeline to their debut Form In Motion and in a different musical context so, the words ‘pushing beyond boundaries’ takes on new and exciting meaning. Just ahead of their performance and vinyl release, Anton and Buke sat down with the band for a wide ranging discussion surrounding these events. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. Also included below is a teaser so be sure to check that out along with the conversation.

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Join our team! Nine Circles is looking for writers!

Read the title of this post? Then you know what it’s about. Got an eye for the latest happenings in the metal world? We want you. What about a strong voice and something to say about the latest new releases each week? Yep—we want you, too. Or what if you’ve got an idea for a completely different segment we haven’t thought of yet, but that will kick the Internet’s ass six ways to Sunday? Get over here.

An important disclosure right off the bat: we do not currently have the capacity to pay any new writers/staff. Nine Circles is very much a passion project for our staff members. We all have day jobs, and none of us make any money off this site. As such, you won’t be either. (Should we suddenly become a profit-making machine — unlikely, but hey, anything is possible — we will, of course, revisit this.)

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Writing abilityBecause duh.
  • Knowledge of / interest in metal music: Also…duh. It doesn’t matter which particular subgenres you’re into, but you do at least need to be into heavy music.
  • Honest opinions: If you love a band or an album, you belt their praises to anyone who’ll listen; if you hate one, you’ll let the world know exactly where and how it goes astray. In short: you don’t hold back on what you’re passionate about. We don’t mince words and neither should you.
  • A Good Radar ScreenYou keep an eye out for new developments, from both new and established artists and across all subgenres. We cast a pretty wide net here, but sometimes things do get lost in the shuffle. If you can be a reliable extra set of eyes, you’re golden.
  • Enthusiasm: You may not be an expert at writing or podcasting, but you are interested in constantly diving in, learning more, and applying your new knowledge. We didn’t know a damn thing about either of those when we started this thing — and we knew a whole hell of a lot less about the metal scene, period, than we do now — but here we are.
  • Execution: This is key. You might sign up for everyday news updates, or you might opt for a monthly op-ed column—but whatever you do, you commit to a deadline and follow through on it each and every time. While complications do occasionally arise for everyone, you don’t let them become a habit. In short: if you sign up for shit, you make sure to get said shit done.
  • Communication: We handle our assignments through various Google Docs and Sheets, but primarily keep up with each other, share links, talk shit, etc. through our group page on MeWe, a new social network / team coordination hub that’s pretty much the anti-Facebook. Joining this technically wouldn’t be required, but it is greatly appreciated; we’re all friends here — and we wanna get to know you, not just write with you!

Also appreciated but not required? Any kinds of extra “glue” skills that might be good for an enterprising young-ish metal blog. Know your way around a video camera and multimedia storytelling? Holy crap, we want you. Got a knack for web design? Social media? Holy crap, we want you, too. Or, how about podcast editing skills? Holy crap, we want you, too, or three at this point.

Sound like your kind of thing? Awesome. Drop us a line at with the subject “Contributor Interest” and tell us about yourself — a quick background, what you’re interested in writing about, the best show(s) you saw last year, you name it. Make sure to attach 2-3 recent samples of your own, original written work. We’re not going to take anyone on sight unseen. (Or word unread, I suppose.)

Not your kind of thing, but know someone whose kind of thing it might be? Send them our way and you’re our new best friend.

Anyway, many thanks for reading and listening so far, and many more thanks in advance for any help on this front. Keep it heavy!

The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Deafheaven was August 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 96 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing covers the fifth full length from Deafheaven, Infinite Granite. Buke once again captains the episode with Hera, Ian, Angela, and Vincent in tow as they break down the album, band, and how this one lands in the trajectory of one of blackgaze’s most enigmatic bands.

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