Best of 2021: Buke and David Stepanavicius of Atræ Bilis share their favorites and more!

Best of 2021

David Stepanavicius of Atræ Bilis is no stranger to the podcast as he and Buke discussed Apexapien at length back in November and it was such an electric discussion that Buke reached back out to have David on again to discuss all things Best of 2021. The two catch up a bit since last time then launch into their biggest disappointments of 2021, their Honorable Mentions, and their collective Top 10. They also discuss Best of lists in general and how an artist / band views list season, how music usually finds David and how much labels play a part in it, whether Chris Barnes or memes are better, upcoming things for Atræ Bilis, and so much more. You’ll definitely want to keep a pen and paper handy as they cover a ton of great albums, forty in total. No surprise here at all, this is an excellent discussion! 

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Best of 2021!

Best of 2021

List season. It’s like Christmas every day of December and some of January where we get to regale the best metal that 2021 had to offer. It’s a time to catch up and find things you slept on or had no idea came out but also a time to raise hell over picks and placements, ahhh good times. Buke wrangled Ian, Vince, Hera, and Angela to discuss their individual top three of 2021, picks of albums that were not in their top three but close, favorite song of the year, and biggest disappointments of the year. Spoiler alert: Rivers of Nihil’s The Work was unanimously discussed here. They also cover the post Christmas spirit, coffee and coffee kettles, covid and awaiting tests, Yules in lieu of trad Christmas because Halloween is better, rainbow Christmas trees, our All In Nine Circles Best of 2021 list, how Buke has yet to grasp Jane Doe, and so much more. 

So grab a seat and at least one (or six) adult beverage(s), ’cause this is a long one. Enjoy!

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Desert Island Albums!

Episode 102 is upon us! After an extended time away, Chris and Dan rejoin Lord Goldenvoice himself, Buke, for a rousing, back-and-forth-and-back-again discussion of their “desert island picks” — the albums they’d want to be their Wilsons if ever stranded in the South Pacific. (Or South Atlantic. Or maybe even Indian. We don’t discriminate here.) 

In any case, the crew — henceforth to be known as The Power Trio™ — covers a wide net, with everything from jazz to progressive metal to classic hip-hop getting a seat at the proverbial, uh… log next to the signal fire? There’s also a mention of the band Orgy, which is one more mention of the band Orgy than there should ever be in a Desert Island albums chat. But, we digress.

So grab a seat and at least one adult beverage, ’cause this is a long one. Enjoy!

Keep it heavy,