The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Best of 2022!

Best of 2022

List season has been in full swing here, as well as across the metal writing sphere, and we still have more fun to be had there. And yes, we love list season in case you were wondering. For this episode our maestro of the mic, Buke, pulls together Hera, Ian, Vincent, Angela, and two new members who have jumped in with both feet: Colin and Dan M., to discuss some of their favorites from 2022 and of course a lot of catching up was had since the last time these folks chatted together. The format “loosely” follows a round robin style of five picks with some honorable mentions thrown in for good measure. From there the conversation is all over the place as we do on these episodes of The Nine Circles Audio Thing. Be sure to pull up a chair and your favorite drink(s), this one is a bit longer than our norm.

Big thank you’s are in order to our excellent staff, PR folk, bands, labels, and our dear listeners and readers for a HUGE 2022! Keep an eye out for a few more Best of 2022 lists to come, I assure you there are several you’ll want to take note of. See you here throughout 2023, cheers.

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