Video Premiere: Suffocater — “Plague”

Suffocater unveiled their new album, Rotting Existence, just this past Friday, and today it is our pleasure to follow that up with a premiere of their new video for “Plague”. The third track from that collection is a dense, bludgeoning display that leaves its mark without wasting a second of the concise runtime. Meanwhile, the visual component proves to be equally as compelling, adding a layer that expands the experience in a number of directions. But you know how this works… Don’t take my word for it. Give it a watch immediately after the jump.

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Amorphis’ Olli-Pekka Laine on new album “Halo,” the band’s long career, hardcore, and much more!


Amorphis has had a long and storied career in death metal that has seen the band become influences for so many and one that has produced many exceptional albums. Upcoming album Halo is yet another feather in the hat of a band that gets better with age. Just ahead of the new album, Buke and bassist Olli-Pekka Laine uncover some backstory on Halo and some of the differences of this album to Queen of Time, they go down memory lane of Amorphis and how their sound has changed over the years and what’s been instrumental in adding fans over the years, Olli’s past with hardcore and some of his favorites from the genre, the importance of Tales from the Thousand Lakes, and they discuss an upcoming tour and memories of touring in the U.S. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Embracing the Descent: September 5 – 11, 2021


Been awhile since we did one of these. Extra day off, extra time, all that jazz. Whatever. You know how this rolls, we pick a fresh batch of albums that struck a chord and you go binge on them. Simple, right? We don’t need to tell you but will anyway; 2021 has given us some gems and will continue to do so and for that we all need to thank the dark lord that bands are even still making music after the shit everyone has been through and still going through. New favorites are coming out every week with no end in sight. This week we’ve got five that struck like lightning; two of them are from last week, but demand your prompt attention. Head inside to see what’s in store and don’t forget to check out the full listing from Monday’s Initial Descent.

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Profile: Lindsay O. from Eyes of Perdition

Eyes of Perdition by Krook9
Image courtesy of Krook9

Razor sharp death metal with the attitude of the most incendiary hardcore on the planet is what you can expect from the impending debut EP, Incendiary Truths, from Las Vegas, Nevada’s Eyes of Perdition. Seriously, these five tracks and some 17 minutes and change of straight up explosive death metal not only resonates with the desert it comes from but burns hotter than said desert on the hottest day of the year. And, cap it off with one of the most bludgeoning vocalists this side of Capra’s Crow Lotus with Lindsay O. and honestly, this band is untouchable. Her range matches lock step with the music whether it calls for growls, shrieks, barks, or absolutely commanding roars, and with this being just their debut EP, the fiery sky won’t be able to contain them in the future. Just ahead of their EP being available for the masses, we had the chance to pose our Profile questions to Lindsay to find out some backstory on the band and her background as well, so head below to see how it went down and whatever you do, hit those links contained within to grab a copy for yourself. You can thank us later. IT. IS. THAT. GOOD. Trust us.

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Album Review: Erdve — “Savigaila”

Erdve - Savigaila

You already know I love music from around the globe.  I love listening to the way different countries shape the worldview of the people living in them and their own unique metal scene, and after some time of waiting, I can finally put a pin in Lithuania on my map of the world, thanks to Erdve and their stunning new stomper Savigaila.  I don’t often advertise my feelings on an album before the cut, but, then again, I also don’t tend to review albums I think I’m going to hate; this, however, surprised me in the best way possible.

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