Profile: X and Scotty McRib of Bay Area Experimental Metallers Gürschach


Experimental metal wears many faces and can mean wildly different things depending on each individual listener and their tastes. Bay Area band Gürschach has been around since 2011 and on their debut EP Beautiful Nightmares were considered a thrash band. Fast forward to now and their debut full length Dark Matter shows a band that has moved way beyond their origins and are mining the experimental, forward thinking arena but also have put together an album that takes full advantage of and is a spot-on look back into each members varied paths to metal and rock. More on that later as we recently had the chance to ask X (lead guitar, vocals) and Scotty McRib (bass, vocals) our set of Profile questions. Read on to see what they had to say and how their influences crept in and took over. Also, hang around for their, just released, video for “The Night the Sky Rained Nukes.” Continue reading

Initial Descent: May 27 – June 2, 2018


It’s June folks. I’m old enough to know better than be surprised at how fast time slips away but…JUNE. Anyway, new metal is why you stopped by and that we have plenty of. Leading the charge this week is the self-titled debut album from Hostia and I can assure you that grindcore / extreme metal aficionados will find plenty of special sauce in this one. Next up is Ghost with their latest Prequelle and this one is quickly filling that ‘feel good hit of the summer’ vibe — clean singing and big hooks glorifying the dark one has never been this much fun. Wait, fun? Leaving it there, you decide. Moving on is Everything & Nothing, the debut from Raum Kingdom which has a very strong Amenra vibe so if that’s your thing, and why wouldn’t it be, get on it. Closing down this week’s top four is Creatio et Hominus from Burial In the Sky which finds the band in forward thinking death metal mode this time out and to be sure, this is a good thing. As usual, there’s a ton more so keep reading and keep exploring. Continue reading

Album Review: Eye of Solitude – “Slaves to Solitude”

Eye of Solitude - Slaves To Solitude

Summer is approaching, and we all know what that means: it’s time to listen to music that makes you feel some relief as you feel sweltering heat on your skin. As someone who generally hates warm weather, nothing makes me more irritable than lying in a puddle of my own sweat and wishing for my own death. With this in mind, Eye of Solitude’s newest album, Slaves to Solitude, delivers top-notch funeral doom that works their aesthetic to new ground. Continue reading

Initial Descent: May 20 – 26, 2018


I’ve been experimenting with some bottom shelf bourbons as of late. Most of which should just stay at the bottom but I have found a couple of real gems that will be occupying space in my cabinet until everyone else finds out about them and they quadruple in price. And no, I’ll not tell. Anyway, if experimenting with new things is something you do we have a treasure trove of new metal this week. Kicking this list off is Oregon’s melodic black metallers Uada with their second full length Cult of a Dying Sun and they’re still melodic, still crushing but with an extra pinch of experimentation. Next up is Witch Mountain with their first full length since acquiring a new vocalist and yes, she KILLS IT so check out Witch Mountain and see how good their bluesy doom really is. Moving along is Svalbard with their, vicious hardcore / black metall..ish sound and a very important message in regards to the times we live in, new album It’s Hard To Have Hope — not only is the music a kick to the face but the message is a kick in the pants to dust yourself off and fight the good fight. Last up in the opening slots is New Hampshire’s technical (NOT TECH) death metal band Unflesh with their debut Savior which is not just technical but melodic in all the right places AND it’s a ton of fun so hopefully these guys will get signed soon. There you have it, the opening four. But — you guessed it — we have much more in store so stick around. Cheers! Continue reading