Album Review: Midnight – “Shox of Violence”

Midnight - Shox of Violence

Midnight is back. The blackened heavy metal punk thrashers have returned with a new release care of Hells Headbangers called Shox of Violence. Shox of Violence features five new tracks and a host of live and/or unreleased tracks that includes Venom, Quiet Riot, and The Spits covers amongst others. This is a compilation and not a new full-length release. If that prompts you to think that this won’t be a fun headbanging ride then you’re sadly mistaken. Midnight knows fans are salivating for new material from the band after the release of No Mercy for Mayhem, and fan-favorite and critically acclaimed album, Satanic Royalty. Shox of Violence features some new material, and the rest of the album is as enjoyable as any you’ll find from a band’s compilation of b-sides. The truth is that Midnight is one of the best bands in the business, and they do nothing but rock, thrash and punk out twenty-five short but catchy tracks of live-take violence. Continue reading

Retrospective: Metallica


Not sure if you heard, but a few people have an opinion on the new Metallica record. I know…crazy, right? Those guys haven’t done anything in like, 30 years! Who cares? Did you hear that new porno doom spazz release by HyphēnX1göRe?  Their last four splits and that demo are more vital than anything those old farts have done in forev— ugh! Wha! blech…ack–*gasp* thud…

(puts down bat, removes butcher’s apron and wipes hands and face with a wet-nap)

Okay, let’s talk about Metallica for a few minutes. Continue reading

Album Review: Quicksand Dream – “Beheading Tyrants”


What is “Metal?”  Pick 20 metalheads and chances are you’ll get 20 different ideas. “Metal” as a category gets tossed around so much the image is fuzzy at best. But hear the words “Heavy Metal” and the image starts to crystallize: razor sharp power chords; bass and drums locked in a four to the floor frenzy as a voice rises in majesty to carry the melody to the tops of mountains, to the caves of dragons. It’s epic, it’s full of might and story and proud to thump its chest at self made mythologies. Call it traditional, call it power…call it whatever you want but make sure to count among its rank Quicksand Dream whose first album in 16 years, Beheading Tyrants, is a clarion call to the likes of early Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road, an album that revels in the majestic stomp of what Carl Jung surely would have defined as the Heavy Metal Archetype. Continue reading

Album Review: HammerFall – “Built To Last”


For nearly two decades power metal titans HammerFall have held high the flag of heavy metal. Being known as one of the best in the genre, they’ve managed to stay true to themselves and to the fans with each album they’ve released. With their tenth full-length, Built To Last, they prove once again how easily they tower over the throngs of imitators. Each song is carefully crafted to ensure unending amounts of power, glory and fun. Simply put, this album is spectacular. Continue reading

Album Review: Anciients – “Voice of the Void”

Anciients - Voice of the Void

Canada’s Anciients call upon the almighty gods of progress as well as continuum on their second full length Voice of the Void. At first blush the band’s sound, in comparison to their debut Heart of Oak, is similar in the sense that they stay grounded to their initial heavy and modern yet epic approach. But a second look reveals a band that has finely honed every aspect of themselves as artists and their craft as musicians. Continue reading