The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Deafheaven was August 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 96 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing covers the fifth full length from Deafheaven, Infinite Granite. Buke once again captains the episode with Hera, Ian, Angela, and Vincent in tow as they break down the album, band, and how this one lands in the trajectory of one of blackgaze’s most enigmatic bands.

No doubt you know how this works by now…team members take turns picking their favorite album from a given month and for August 2021, it was a shoe in for Deafheaven’s Infinite Granite across the board. And, while no one on staff disagreed, not everyone was on the exact same page. Since 2010, Deafheaven have yet to make the same album twice or even close to the same album. The way they transition from black metal to shoegaze has made them critical darlings of a controversy that can never quite get its controversy correct. And now that they’ve gone full on shoegaze, the internet will never be the same. So it seems. The gang covers Infinite Granite and just how different it is as well as how much it rules, the fact that this might well be their “Opeth” moment, lyrics and how good George Clarke is in writing them as well as their impact over the years with certain team members, spooky season, a huge set of birthdays, and, as always, what else tripped our triggers during the month of August 2021 which features lengthy segments on both BTBAM’s Colors II and WITTR’s Primordial Arcana, obviously. So, do have a pen and paper on hand. 

All this and so much more as we dive head first into our eighth AOTM for 2021!  So jump in and get an earful!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy…keep it safe…and we’ll see you next time!

Infinite Granite is available now on Sargent House. For more information on Deafheaven, visit their official website.

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