The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Allegaeon was February 2022’s Album of the Month!

Allegaeon Feb 2022 AOTM

Buke once again had this month’s pick and once again helms the episode along with Vincent, Ian, Angela, and Hera in tow. The gang covers the sixth full length from AllegaeonDamnum and while everyone was absolutely not on the same page, everyone voiced their opinions and why’s or why not’s for or against. Damnum is galvanizing as it’s not the same album as Apoptosis, for several reasons, but the crew covers this in length as well as Disney songs, catching up with one another, stews and soups, and of course what else tripped their collective triggers through February. In addition to this discussion, be sure to check out Ian’s review of this album and Buke’s recent interview with Allegaeon’s own Riley McShane.

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Album Review: Amorphis — “Halo”

Amorphis - Halo

Thirty years on from their groundbreaking debut The Karelian Isthmus Finnish death metal trailblazers Amorphis continue to show the rest of the world how it’s done. After the 1-2 punch of Under the Red Cloud and Queen of Time (forever known as Queen of Bee around these parts) I think we all expected a similar tone and weight with the new album, but having now sat with new album Halo for a few weeks I think the band have taken another leap forward. Heavier, proggier, and just a bit, well…more than what came before, this feels like a definitive statement from the band, pointing to more and more distant horizons.

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Initial Descent: December 15 – 25, 2021

krolok band

Okay, here’s the scoop: Fearless Editor Josh™ who usually puts this things together is away on a family holiday, so backup Slightly Fearful Editor Chris™ is here to get Initial Descent together. And, um…it looks like real slim pickings for the end of the year, huh? So you only get one feature today, the black metal rumblings of Slovakia’s Krolok, who I recall had a damn fine album with 2017’s Flying Above Ancient Ruins. Looks like they’re back with some more evil in the form of Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky, which after a cursory listen sounds like it’s going to be a similar banger. There’s a handful of other releases coming out that I’m sure are worth your time and attention, so check out what’s coming Christmas week after the break and we’ll see you next time.

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Album Review: Omnium Gatherum — “Origin”

Omnium Gatherum - Origin

In a previous review, I had mentioned that melodeath has been enjoying a renaissance, as both new and old bands continue to play and reinvent themselves in order to remain consistent within the genre. However, despite the newer additions and slight reinventions over the years, Omnium Gatherum continues to stay the course, creating music that still sounds fresh and poignant to this day. When Omnium Gatherum announced that they were going to release a new album after the very excellent The Burning Cold, I was stoked. I knew that whatever the band had planned, the album was going to be an enjoyable time. After all, Origin was one of the three melodeath albums I was looking forward to in November, and they clearly exceeded my expectations.

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Album Review: Insomnium — “Argent Moon” (EP)

Insomnium - Argent Moon

Do you smell that?

Fall – the sun is starting to set earlier, everything is becoming slightly darker, and we are now barreling towards the last quarter of 2021 while we try to understand how time has passed so quickly. However, this also means I can get my hands (and ears) on some of the most anticipated releases I have been waiting for most of the year. This includes three (!) upcoming melodic death releases, one of which I have been waiting for quite a long time. One such anticipated release is Insomnium, whose newest EP, Argent Moon, is what I would describe as a (softer) melodeath metal campfire story split into four parts.

The melodeath metal renaissance is upon us, and it’s not stopping for anyone.

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