Viktor “Storm” Gullichsen of Brymir on their new album “Voices In The Sky” and much more!

Image courtesy of Janica Lönn

Since forming in 2006 and presenting their debut in 2011, Finland’s Brymir has captured lightning in a bottle with their symphonic laced and hard hitting melodic death metal. And now with their fourth full length Voices In The Sky the band is in juggernaut mode with their best songwriting and heaviest yet most epic songs to date. Buke sat down with frontman Viktor “Storm” Gullichsen for a wide ranging discussion surrounding this new album, what it’s like to handle vocals, orchestration, writing, and producing, and so much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. 

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Album Review: Soilwork — “Övergivenheten”

Soilwork - Overgivenheten

No matter where you started with Soilwork, they’re probably not in the same place as when you started, you know? Over the course of 20+ years, from their young upstart roots as per the movement that heralded the poor yet aptly named New Wave of Swedish Death Metal to their streamlined commercial modern metal anthems in the mid 00s to the current wave of classic rock and prog-influenced metal of the past few years, the band has been nothing if not consistent in playing with the formula they helped create. The last few years have been especially fruitful, culminating in Övergivenheten, delivering equal parts ripping metal riffs and gigantic anthemic choruses that, contrary to the album’s translation, show no signs of the band abandoning the progress they’ve made in tweaking their signature sound.

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Album Review:  Arch Enemy — “Deceivers”

Arch Enemy - Deceivers

Albums written in 2020 continue to flow in and each one packs complex emotions, powerful songwriting, and a lot of care when it comes to development and production.  This is especially true for international metal band Arch Enemy and their latest release Deceivers.  The band faced many challenges in recording this album with members being spread out between two continents, but they persevered and the result is epic.  This release has everything fans love about Arch Enemy including cinematic orchestral passages, dynamic vocals, and crushing riffs but with even more developed techniques and musical mastery.  Deceivers is an album that only Arch Enemy could have created and it may be their best yet.

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Receiving the Evcharist:  Fall and Resist and Miskatonic Brewing Company’s POG Long Tongue Liar

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Hello friends!  Summer is slowly coming to a close and while I am beyond excited for spooky season and fall, I am savoring summer’s final moments.  Let us drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  Fall and Resist‘s Darkness of Now (EP) and Miskatonic Brewing Company’s POG Long Tongue Liar.

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Profile: Ricardo Pereira of Moonshade


When it comes to melodic death metal with an epic story about nature, mankind, and cultural evolution of civilizations, look no further than As We Set The Skies Ablaze from Moonshade. It’s been four years since their debut, Sun Dethroned, was released and it seems the band used that time wisely to focus on tighter songwriting and better storytelling. While being grounded in melodic death metal the music here is more forward thinking and at times drifts into progressive stratospheres and even walks a tech death tightrope. This all may sound like a mouthful, but Moonshade nails the landing with an album that’s heavier, deeper, and more memorable. Just ahead of the album’s release, we posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist Ricardo Pereira to find out more. Read on below to see how it went down and be sure to secure your own copy from the links contained within.

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