CANTO: Abrams, Necrofier, The Wraith, and More

Super late canto because sometimes life be like that.

  • TRVE Brewing’s 11th anniversary event is officially set for June 24 at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado. The lineup features Godflesh, Sumerlands, Stormkeep, and more. If I lived out that way… you know I would be there. Anyway, here’s your ticket link (they go on sale Friday).
  • Abrams have announced a run of shows out West with BleakHeart, which covers a good chunk of May. They’ll be promoting their latest release, In The Dark, which is available through Small Stone Recordings.
  • Texan black metallers Necrofier announced a new album, Burning Shadows in the Southern Night, which will be out on June 2 through Season of Mist Underground Activists. Check out the vicious new single, “Burnt by the Sacred Flame”, here.
  • Jesus Piece released “Silver Lining”, the latest from …So Unknown. Give it a listen here. That album is slated for an April 14 release through Century Media.
  • Closing out, we have Nine Circles favorite The Wraith. They’re back with their new vocalist Harley Mace, and a video for “Overthrown” can be seen below. You can also snag it through Bandcamp. That’s taken from Ghost March, which we’ll look out for later this year.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Initial Descent: September 4 – 10, 2022


It’ll officially be Fall later this month which means spooky season is right around the corner. I can’t think of a better way to get in that mood than the trio of death metal new releases that lead this week’s list; Revocation return with an album that after a few spins really hits a sweet spot for me, and even more so than anything they’ve done to date, then we’ve got Bloodbath who are on the forefront of every death metal fan’s mind, next up is I Am with a groovy bruiser (and killer album art to boot), and rounding out the top slots is Abrams who are not death metal but are favorites around this back office. Now, these four will definitely keep you busy, but don’t forget about the long list of other new stuff that follows as there’s a ton of good stuff out this week. Happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the next several days. Until next time…

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CANTO: Wayfarer, Carnifex, Orthodox, and More

Took a lot of cool photos yesterday after a storm… that’s all I got.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Album Review: La Chinga – “Free Wheelin'”

la chinga

Albums like La Chinga‘s  Free Wheelin’ make me feel like my brain is splitting in two. On the one hand, I love a good ol’ rock n’ roll record as much as the next guy. You love Zeppelin, The Who and ZZ Top, too? Your lead singer actually sounds like Robert Plant? Man, let that retro flag fly free and proud, brother! You even have some tasty cowbell? Well say no more. You’re welcome in my ear canals any time you want. Yet on the other hand… Continue reading