CANTO: Rotting Christ, Necrot, Corey Taylor, and More

Necrot - Mortal

To be clear, I’m going to use every excuse to share the above cover art possible. It is brilliant and I’m obsessed with it.

  • Rotting Christ shared a pro-shot live video for “The Fifth Illusion”, performed in the studio. That track was taken from 1994’s Non Serviam, so it’s cool to see them digging through the archives a bit for this.
  • Necrot dropped another track from their upcoming new album, Mortal. This one is called “Your Hell”. I hope everyone is as excited about this release as I am. Just another month until this thing drops (through Tankcrimes).
  • Corey Taylor dropped two new solo songs, “CMFT Must Be Stopped” and “Black Eyes Blue”. Some interesting guest spots on these. I’m going to spend some time with these later, but I’m definitely curious what everyone thinks about em.
  • And we’ll close with some heavy stuff out of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. This is Nagazi with the new video for “Triumphant”. Give it a watch and listen immediately below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Rotting Christ, Imperial Triumphant, Exist, and More

Imperial Triumphant

“Now you bless, now you pray for, now you pray for the new God they sent you. Sons of God will forgive you, and the weapon for new wars will give you.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Rotting Christ, Oranssi Pazuzu, Fozzy, and More


Probably the most challenging day in all this so far.

  • To recover some of the funds lost from the recently postponed tour, Rotting Christ have begun selling the official tour shirts at this location. Honestly, given the situation, it’s a reasonable price and if you end up at one of the rescheduled tour dates, this could be dope swag to bust out.
  • Witches Hammer, who haven’t really been active in the last 30 years, are returning with a full-length release on April 25th through Nuclear War Now! Productions. The album will be called Damnation Is My Throne and you can listen to “Solar Winds” right now.
  • Some more rescheduled dates for lost tours are starting to surface, and the next comes from Fozzy. The North American dates that were originally scheduled for April and May are now lined up for July 10th through September 5th.
  • Lastly, we’ll close with the latest new single (and video) from Oranssi Pazuzu, titled “Uusi teknokratia”. A reminder that Mestarin kynsi drops on April 17th and I cannot fucking wait.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Khemmis, Paradise Lost, Tour Updates, and More


More cancellations coming your way today (to no surprise I’m sure). I’ll make sure to include some fun stuff to balance things out.


“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Soulfly, Devastation On The Nation, The Ghost Inside, and More

rotting christ band

Friday Canto because, well, you should know by now.

  • Let’s start with a tour. Soulfly has announced a North American tour in February and March of next year. They’ll be supported by Toxic Holocaust and X-Method. No idea who that last band is, but this could be fun.
  • Ok, now let’s kick it up a notch. Devastation On The Nation tour 2020 will feature… Borknagar, Rotting Christ, Wolfheart, Abigail Williams, and Imperial TriumphantHoly, ever-loving, crap. That’s a beast, right there.
  • This is from a couple days ago, but is still worth sharing. On the fifth anniversary of their accident, The Ghost Inside released a new video for “Mercy”, which is footage taken from their first show since the crash. Worth watching in every sense of the term.
  • Everyone remember Ævangelist? They have finally re-emerged with a new track called “The Origin and End of All: Pain of the Fallen”. FYI, it’s 18 minutes long. They have an album coming out in early 2020 through Hells Headbangers called Nightmarecatcher.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb