Dan Kaplan


Dan started Nine Circles with Corey in 2014, back when he was much more into things like social media, New York City, keeping up on metal music, borderline-dictatorial blog management strategies, and overloading his feed with different podcasts. (Like, an insane amount of podcasts. Like, 25-30 subscriptions’ worth at one point. It got out of hand.)

A lot’s changed since then. Dan realized he hated both social media and New York City, and left for a career change. At that point, he stopped having time for all the metal or the podcasts. Or the borderline-dictatorial blog-running. Or the [any kind of] blog-running. (Fourth or fifth banana is a much better spot for both him and everyone else involved, if we’re being honest.) He’s now down to a svelte SEVEN podcast subscriptions, thankyouverymuch, and makes time for listening to metal every once in a while.

These days, Dan’s work at Nine Circles allows him to pursue his true passions in life: talking about random nonsense with friends, and making fun of bad album covers. He also occasionally hops on the podcast for our Album of the Month podcasts, where he is sometimes able to form opinions on the chosen honorees.

Recent Favorites

  • TribulationWhere the Gloom Becomes Sound
  • Soen Imperial
  • EmptinessVide
  • John CarpenterLost Themes III: Alive After Death
  • The Dirty NilFuck Art
  • Arlo ParksCollapsed in Sunbeams
  • Yasmin WilliamsUrban Driftwood
  • Steven WilsonThe Future Bites

Dan isn’t really a fan of social media interaction, because it is largely awful. He prefers contact by handwritten parchment note, delivered by carrier pigeon. (Cursive, please.)

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