Album Review: Morne – “To The Night Unknown”

Morne - To the Night Unknown

With a history that reaches back well over a decade now, it would be wrong to consider Boston-based doom metallers Morne as anything but veterans in their craft. Yet, despite previously releasing three full-length offerings over that span of time, it has still been over five years since Shadows was released to the world. With the release of To The Night Unknown, however, Morne has proven that those days were spent wisely. This latest effort has taken on an improved, more dynamic form than any of its predecessors and is, without a shadow of doubt, the strongest Morne release to date. Continue reading

Album Review: Thou – “Magus”

Thou - Magus

Love them or hate them, Thou have been one of the most recognizable faces in underground metal since the band’s inception in the early aughts.  Whether you’re a fan of their “punk by way of doom metal” musical stylings, the starkly confrontational anarchist lyrical themes the band employs, or the irreverent humor they employ across social media platforms (and occasionally printed on merchandise), there is no other band that carries themselves the way Thou has, and their commitment has earned them devotees by the score.  We all know what happens when well established and well loved acts have a pivoting moment, though.  This moment comes for Thou on their newest full-length Maguswhich may surprise long time fans of the band, but for those with open minds, shows Thou at their most powerful and affecting. Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Ancestors and Dark Side of Ale

Receiving the Evcharist

Greetings! Brother Vincent is currently on a covert mission involving pocket universes, dimension-hopping automatons and exotic parrots so it’s me, Zyklonius, stepping in this week to share and pair the latest sonic and liquid treasures I have discovered. This week’s offering: Ancestors’ Suspended in Reflections and Level Eleven’s Dark Side of Ale. Continue reading

Spirit Adrift Live at the 3S Artspace, 8.3.2018


Band: Spirit Adrift

Photographer: Corey Butterworth

Location: 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH

Date: August 3, 2018

Continue reading

Profile: Texan Trio of Titanic Doom – Ripis


Doom. The one genre where four letters can be as vast as all of the oceans on this planet and invoke emotions as varied as the colors around us. In the wrong hands it can fall rather flat but in the right hands — as is the case with Ripis — it can move mountains. Rolling sound waves, crushing riffs, tar thick atmosphere and lyrics that are the epitome of doom are just a few of the things you can expect on Shadow Dies In Morning Light, the band’s recently released second effort. Hues of Bell Witch color the pacing and shades of YOB highlight the songwriting but for over forty minutes Ripis OWNS this genre, period. This is doom metal in its purest form and it kicks all sorts of ass. After a chance email from the band and subsequent listen(s), we had to know more so we sat down with them armed with our set of Profile questions which you can find immediately below — and PANCHO. Be sure to click the links contained within and support this band in as many ways as you can afford! Continue reading