Album Review: Soen – “Lotus”

soen - lotus

Soen have always played in that space that blurs the distinctions between genre classification: are they metal?  Rock?  They’re certainly progressive, but are they so progressive to be considered “progressive” metal?  Or rock for that matter?  The good news is that on fourth record Lotus continues to not care about labels, opting to let the emotional core of their music carry through.  Others can opt to argue what it sounds like; to these ears, it simply sounds like Soen. Continue reading

Album Review: The Tangent – “A Spark in the Aether”

the tangent a spark in the aether

So here’s the thing: I listen a lot of extreme metal. My musical interests are rather exclusive. This isn’t due to narrow-mindedness—quite the opposite, actually. I’ve gone through a lot of musical phases in my life…and I’ve listened to a lot of crap along the way. Extreme metal is simply where I’ve settled. Despite all that, for my birthday week, I decided to deviate a little bit…no, I decided to deviate severely. I decided “let’s give all that a break and give something else a try.” So, with that mentality as the driver, I decided to explore The Tangent‘s new full-length album, A Spark in the Aether. And all I can say is…lesson learned.

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