Album Review: Woods of Desolation — “The Falling Tide”

Woods of Desolation - The Falling Tide

I actually told myself the last review I wrote for the site was going to be the last new album I would review this year.  Not for any grim or tragic reason, it’s just list season, I told myself I was going to start early and focus on that instead of scrambling to get them in like I always do.  But then, of course, there is a new Woods of Desolation album mucking up my well-thought-out plans.  I couldn’t pass up this chance though, and I’m relieved that I didn’t.  I knew my year end list wouldn’t be safe from The Falling Tide, and I was right and then some.

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Album Review: Soul Dissolution — “Sora”

September seems to be the month of choice for atmospheric black metal albums. I have already discussed the first of these releases, Ellende’s Ellenbogengesellschaft, a gorgeous record that showcases what kind of powerhouse Ellende continues to be. In the case of another release, Belgian band Soul Dissolution are releasing their third album, Sora, an album I have been eagerly waiting for since their 2018 effort, Stardust.

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Album Review: Ellende — “Ellenbogengesellschaft”

Ever since I started listening to black metal and writing album reviews, there has always been one band that has consistently shown up in my list: Ellende, an Austrian powerhouse of atmospheric black metal who heavily employ soulful melodies and raw emotion. I have been into this band since 2016, when I first heard their self-titled debut and have always wondered whether this band/project would continue to create atmospheric black metal in what I considered to be a space filled with ‘saturation.’ However, every time Ellende released anything, I’m always impressed with the level of quality and nuance they put into each effort. Now, with their fourth album, Ellenbogengesellschaft, Ellende continues to push the limits of their own creativity, showcasing that they always have more to show than just a melancholic melody.

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Album Review: Oceansnow — “Vivienne”

Oceansnow - Vivienne

Before diving into this write-up, for the sake of context, I do think it’s worth acknowledging how long it has been since I’ve isolated myself with an album with the intent of piecing together a full review. I eventually gave up scrolling back in our posts trying to find my last album review. Yes, it has been that long. So, drawing inspiration from other members of our team, I opted for an album on this week’s release lineup virtually at random. That, my friends, is how we got here today… a deep dive into the debut full-length from mysterious United States ambient black metal project Oceansnow. And all told, if Vivienne serves as the beginning, the emergence of this project will prove to be a welcomed one.

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Rivers of Nihil’s Jake Dieffenbach on upcoming album “The Work,” finding a green thumb, musical directions, and much more!

Later this month, progressive / technical death metallers Rivers of Nihil will drop their fourth full length, The Work, and by all accounts this album will be a crowning achievement for them as well as their fans and fans of extreme metal in general. 2018’s Where Owls Know My Name really blew the lid off for them and received mountains of praise, as it should have. The Work finds the band at an even higher creative peak and, somehow, heavier than ever. We’re foaming at the mouth over it and before long, you will be too. With that said, head inside for an in depth discussion with vocalist Jake Dieffenbach via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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