Initial Descent: July 15, 2016

blood red throne band
Blood Red Throne

Halfway through July, and we’ve got another busy week of new metal releases for you cretins. For starters, Norwegian deathsters Blood Red Throne return with Union of Flesh and Machine, their seventh album in the last 13 years. (Can’t fault a band for being steady!) We’ve also got Stranger to Violence from Psalm Zero — the Queens outfit’s final release with recently-dismissed guitarist Andrew Hock.

Beyond that, North Carolina’s MAKE return with Pilgrimage of Loathing less than a year removed from their previous album, The Golden Veil. Plus, new stuff from CaïnaEcferus and more. So let’s dive in and take a listen. Here’s what’s we’ve got this week:
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Album Review: MAKE – “Pilgrimage Of Loathing”

Make - Pilgrimage Of Loathing

NC’s MAKE show a fury-filled side yet to be revealed on third full length Pilgrimage Of Loathing. The slow-burn patiently builds and the atmospheric expanse of previous works has been replaced by anger for the state of the world as well as their home state’s government. To be clear, this album is a progression from their last and still has its quieter, reflective moments but they are fewer and farther between. With a wider range of genres displayed, the band’s exploration here pays off in a big way. It’s cerebral and takes time to digest, but is well worth it. Continue reading