Album Review: Sólstafir — Endless Twilight of Codependent Love

The one thing that has been the most consistent about the almost quarter of a century long career of Icelandic giants Sólstafir is their inconsistency.  Certainly not in terms of quality, but in their sound. There’s always been a strong tendency to break any semblance of genre rules and regulations and do whatever their hearts desire.  This has led them through the labels of black metal, post rock, grunge, art rock and more. But to them, they’ve always just done their own thing, and on their newest effort Endless Twilight of Codependent Love, they’re even harder to pin down.

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Visions ov Hell: Sólstafir – “Miðaftann”


Sólstafir has long challenged our understanding of heavy music. While much of their history may be more clearly categorized as black metal, the Icelandic group has recently wandered into more of a more melodic and progressive style. And it’s brilliant. Whether you consider it metal or not, their latest work, 2014’s Ótta, was one of the best albums to drop that year. But as impressive as their music has always been, it was actually the visual aspect of their sound that really captivated me originally, when I discovered this band through their video for “Fjara”. Taking full advantage of the landscapes of their home country, Sólstafir deserves to be recognized for the incredible music videos that accompany their music. The latest video for “Miðaftann” only furthers that point. Continue reading