Album Review: Centinex – “Doomsday Rituals”

Centinex - Doomsday Rituals

On Centinex‘s ninth full length Doomsday Rituals, the band plays nothing but good old reliable death metal. This genre has seen many faces through the years and more recently has seen a number of thrilling bands that bend the rules as well as push the boundaries well beyond anything that has come before. All of which is is good for any genre and needs to be done for growth. However, when an album comes along that holds its history near and dear it gives the old guard something to get excited about and new fans a dose of the essential beginnings. Continue reading

Album Review: October Tide – “Winged Waltz”

Winged Waltz Cover SmallFor the longest time, the elephant in the room with Sweden’s harbingers of doom and gloom October Tide was that their identity as “the other band that guys from Katatonia play in” was hard to shake. Their first two albums were important for the melodic death/doom scene at its peak in the 90s, but it was hard to envision them as anything beyond Dance of December Souls 2.0 or Brave Murder Day Redux. It was only with 2010’s A Thin Shell that they came into their own identity, and 2013’s Tunnel of No Light, while still a good death/doom album that showed mature and tasteful songwriting, didn’t hold up much against bands like Daylight Dies. Their newest, Winged Waltz, however, is a very strong album that demonstrates the band’s growth in identity, songwriting, and band chemistry.  Continue reading