Reinventing Black Metal Part I: AL NAMROOD

Black metal. The most controversial of all the metal subgenres. Be it arson, national-socialistic views, suicide and even murder—black metal has seen it all. Yet amidst the craziness of the 90s and the (largely) Norwegian 2nd wave scene, there has been a certain staleness that has crept into the music. Satan just isn’t as cool, nor as much of a figure of defiance as he used to be. In that sense, black metal is having a bit of an identity crisis and it’s perhaps a fitting time to ask ourselves what black metal really is—from a more philosophical point of view. In this introduction/interview series we’ll be taking a look at some bands that are taking the idea of black metal and doing something fresh with it. At the end we may find some conclusions, but experience suggests we’ll just end up with more questions.

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Drinking With Satan: AlNamrood – “Diaji Al Joor”

drinking with satan

What the hell does that say? I have no idea. We’ll deal with it later. But first, I need to open up about something. Which is something I rarely do. I’ve been under heavy fire the last month or two from everyone (that lives in my head) because of my depressing decrease in alcohol consumption. Yes, it’s true. I don’t like not drinking and I feel like everyone (that lives in my head) respects me less. My maybe me friends, family, and liver appreciate it, but I don’t have to deal with them around the clock. Ok fine, maybe I do, but I don’t care what they think. So it’s cool! I suppose I can always console with this guy, but that will only take me so far. No matter! I have followed the signs and am ready to go for another episode of Drinking With Satan. I could never let you cretins down. So let us begin. Continue reading