Initial Descent: September 24 – 30, 2017

Archgoat 1

Saturday is synonymous around here with new metal but if you’ve been following along you know that already. This week was long and slow so I need this as much as you do, thankfully there’s a multitude to get to this week so let’s get after it. Leading the charge is our favorite Finns, ARCHGOAT, with their quick hitter Eternal Damnation of Christ. Two songs of black metal damnation…what? You’re worried about it only being two songs? It’ll be the best two songs of the week, period. Next up is the heavyweights of noise rock Unsane with Sterilize, it’s been five long years but this bludgeoning is worth the wait. Moving on is the monolithically inclined Monolord with their all killer-no filler doom metal on Rust and closing out the top slots is the wickedly nasty doom/black/death debut Cosmos Comedenti from Antiversum. Just because we’re done with the initial volley doesn’t mean we’re actually finished — far from it. So grab a chair and stay awhile, we have much to explore. Continue reading

Album Review: Antiversum – “Cosmos Comedenti”

antiversum cosmos comedenti

Antiversum are one of my favorite bands that I’ve discovered through the miracle of a good bargain.  I picked up the CD version of their Total Vacuum demo because a US distro had on sale for $5, and I liked the cover art to boot.  The gamble I took on this purchase paid off immensely; I was hooked immediately and listened to Total Vacuum in my car for about a week straight.  It still hasn’t left my car’s CD collection since then. Now set to unleash their debut album, Cosmos ComedentiAntiversum see the full realization of their potential.
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