Album Review: Behold…the Arctopus — “Hapeleptic Overtrove”

It’s no secret that I am a gigantic fan of anything involving Colin Marston.  From his more well know tenures in bands like Gorguts, Krallice and Dysrythmia to engineering, mixing and mastering some of my favorite albums, I genuinely believe there’s nothing he can’t do.  My fascination with Martson began when I first heard Behold…the Arctopus like 15 years ago, and for a long time I simply knew him as “the Warr Guitar guy.”  On Hapeleptic Overtrove, Marston picks the Warr guitar back up, but this album is anything but the usual business, as if there was such a thing. Continue reading

Album Review: Veilburner – “The Obscene Rite”

Veilburner - The Obscene Rite

On Veilburner‘s third full length in as many years, The Obscene Rite, the band not only closes a conceptual and ideological trilogy but offers their most comprehensive and cohesive album to date. After hearing this multi-jointed approach cohesive may not be the first choice of descriptor. But after the scathing black/death metal from The Three Lightbearers and the progressive, oft times experimental song structures from Noumeneon this album combines and expands on both. It’s not an easy first listen but that’s precisely what makes it so magnetic. Continue reading

Album Review: Brain Tentacles – “Brain Tentacles”

Brain Tentacles - Brain Tentacles

Even if after several spins of Brain Tentacles jazz/doom/grind/avante-garde debut Brain Tentacles you still have no idea what’s going on there is little doubt you’ll be humming the rhythms and bass lines for days afterwards. This band is a power trio that doesn’t act like a power trio, rather they act like a metal version of a jam band that took a triple hit of acid and listened to Miles Davis or Ornette Coleman for way too long. This, of course, is a compliment as they triumphantly venture into a niche that very few have ever done successfully. Continue reading