Best of 2015: Manny-O-War’s List (Top 50)

Best 2015

And with that, 2015 has come and gone. A stupendous year for metal. So many bands deserve a nod for their forays into death metal, experimentalism, progressiveness, power metal, speed metal, black metal, blackened death metal and even technical death metal. So without further ado, here are the best albums of 2015 (in my opinion of course). Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturdays: Batushka – “Litourgiya”

batoushka litourgiya

As if Peter Murphy arose from seclusion to form a metal band that featured his baritone vibrato mellifluously hovering over some of the more dark, rhythmically contrasting black metal on the planet. Yet, as those beautiful, chant-like, almost gothic vocals fall to the background, a throat-ripping, tortured scream arises from the chasm created by such evacuation. Thus, to say Batushka is a band that is able to create layers is an understatement. Their new album Litourgiya is a combination of ancient rites and modern blasts; a work of shocking magnitude that has gone almost unnoticed by the metal community at large. Continue reading