Throwback Thursday: Eyehategod’s “Dopesick” Turns 20!

Eyehategod-DopesickHaving already established themselves as NOLA’s chief purveyors of decadence and drug-addled desperation, Eyehategod could only get better with time after their first two full-lengths, In the Name of Suffering and Take As Needed for Pain. Their bluesy but challenging brand of feedback-soaked, punk-informed sludge metal was unlike anything else in metal at the time, and it’s my opinion that we have Mike Williams & co to thank for the sustained popularity in all things sludgy. Their third full-length, Dopesick, is arguably the high point of EHG’s career, and more than that, a watershed collection of songs for the sludge metal scene that revolutionized the union of hardcore and metal.  Continue reading

Album Review: Saviours – “Palace Of Vision”

Saviours - Palace Of Vision

If there’s one thing that can be said about Saviours‘ body of work is that it’s energetic. Even though, thematically, they’re singing about dark subject matter and the end of everything we know. With each successive release, riffs are the horsepower under the hood. Never ones to shy away from a formula, the same can be said for their fifth full length, Palace of Vision. Four years have passed since Death’s Procession and the only deviation in sound this time out is a more cohesive album with better production. Continue reading

Album Review: Demon Lung – “A Dracula”

demon lung a dracula Album art is a tricky concept. Because, let’s face it, many people are drawn to music by what’s on the cover, in the same way they’re drawn to food by what it looks like on a plate. A great cover will get a band not only listens but purchases, and Demon Lung have enticed nerds and metal heads (is there a difference?) everywhere on their cover for A Dracula. The original artwork, by Joshua Foster, depicts the lands of Mordor. The Sauron-like Demon arising below an eye-like fireball or sun while a mountain (most likely Mount Doom) spews forth a feral smoke towards the sky. Although the art reaches for Tolkien-esque heights, the music takes a much more mundane approach, unable to ascend the steps of the Cirith Ungol pass through Ephel Dúath and past Shelob’s lair. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Some old-school Witch Mountain!

Witch Mountain band

As you read this, Witch Mountain is out on the road supporting the mighty YOB, so I can’t think of a better time to get them in here for a Throwback If you haven’t heard of the Portland doomsters by now, my question to you is…where have you been? With four full-lengths and two EPs to their credit, the band’s carved quite the swath across the doom landscape, particularly following last year’s stellar release, Mobile of Angels. This #tbt focuses on “South Sugar”—a song from 2011’s South of Salem, which was my introduction to the band. To this day, it’s still the song I think of whenever the band is mentioned. Continue reading