Album Review: Kvelertak – “Nattesferd”

kvelertak nattesferd album cover

On their new, third album, NattesferdKvelertak is less “Kvelertak-y” than they’ve ever been. John Dyer Baizley’s cover artwork? Gone. Kurt Ballou’s production? That’s out, too. In most cases, the band’s even done away with the blast-beat driven aggression that’s driven their black ‘n’ roll / hardcore sound since its inception. But if you’re worried the bottom’s completely dropped out, lighten up. At the end of the day, the Norwegians still know how to write a fun song, and they show that regularly on Nattesferd. It’s not a great album, but it’s certainly not a bad one either.
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Concert Review: Taake, Young And In The Way, and Vattnet Viskar (February 20, 2016)


Finally, Taake has begun their first North American tour. An occurrence many years in the making kicked off this past Saturday night in Boston, and there was no way Nine Circles wouldn’t be involved. Of course, this was not the first Taake show here in the United States — we had seen them at Maryland Deathfest a few years prior. But as for tours? This was 23 years in the making. But not due to lack of effort… we all remember the visa issues from last year that forced them to postpone such a tour. Luckily enough, things worked out this time around and we were treated to a tremendous performance by the Norwegians. And the three opening acts? Just as impressive. Continue reading

Album Review: Whiskey Ritual – “Blow With the Devil”

Whiskey Ritual - Blow With The Devil

Third full length Blow With the Devil from Italy’s Whiskey Ritual is a loud and brash amalgamation of black metal and rock-n-roll. Lo-fi thrash and speed metal march in step with a ready-to-party punk rock attitude throughout. But, it’s the black metal chops the band uses to a large degree that makes this album a cut above their previous material. It took them one EP and two full lengths of filth ridden back alley anthems but they’ve finally realized their full potential here. Continue reading