Album Review: Denouncement Pyre – “Black Sun Unbound”

d-pyre - black sun cover haulix

Before exploring the inner workings of Black Sun Unbound, the latest effort from Australian black metal quartet Denouncement Pyre, it’s worth prefacing this review with the acknowledgement that less than two months ago I was not even aware of this band’s existence. It was a brief, yet undoubtedly momentous, performance at Maryland Deathfest under the midday sun that projected them into my periphery. This particular festival has quite the track record of serving as an introduction to previously undiscovered black masters for myself and many of my compatriots (Mgła, Taake, etc). With this third full length effort from Denouncement Pyre, that trend continues. As impressive as their performance was two months ago, this release builds off that successfully. Black Sun Unbound will prove to be one of the premier albums of 2016 across genres. Continue reading