Album Review: Atrament – “Eternal Downfall” LP

Artwork by Stephen Wilson of Unknown Relic

This is more like it. Recently I had a massive crisis of faith and whiffed on a review where I bit off more than I could chew, genre-wise. Not this time. Not today. Who needs half-assed major label forest-folk, anyway?

While combing through the promos I received, I saw the light in the tunnel. That light is from Oakland, California and they refer to themselves collectively as Atrament. Their one-sheet refers to Wolfpack and not Wolfbrigade, which makes all the difference in the world to me — Johnnson vs. Micke is a no-brainer. While I’m sure these folks have spent quite a few hours bounding over  A New Dawn Fades LP, the real upfront influence is the almighty Skitsystem. I’m sure these guys have pored over the Profithysteri EP and the Ondskans Ansikte 10″ as if they were the goddamned Torah. Continue reading