Receiving the Evcharist: the Body and Napoleon Complex

Receiving the Evcharist

Brother Vincent was nice enough to let me take the reigns this week but rest assured, he’ll be back with a vengeance soon. Today I’m featuring a pairing that on first glance or taste or listen didn’t seem like it would gel. But, upon further inspection it was just what the doctor ordered. Behold, the Body‘s I have fought against it, But I can’t any longer. and Wicked Weed Brewing‘s Napoleon Complex for this Receiving the Evcharist. Continue reading

Album Review: The Body & Thou – “You, Whom I Have Always Hated / Released from Love”


The newest release from The Body and Thou is actually a compilation of two records: the first four tracks—which surfaced last year as the vinyl-only EP, Released From Love, on Thrill Jockey—as well as six new songs, collectively titled You, Whom I Have Always Hated. As the Thrill Jockey site is careful to note, this is a collaborative project, not a split record. The creative process on this album was undertaken jointly by both bands, and the resulting sludge sound incorporates both The Body’s non-traditional, noise-oriented influences, as well as Thou’s slower, swampy side. While this record doesn’t push the boundaries of doom/sludge too much further than either band has already done, it’s still entertaining to watch them play off each other and combine their sounds.

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