Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – August 17, 2018

wake up and smell satan

America’s favorite religious trolls, The Satanic Temple, made headlines this week after bringing its Baphomet statue to a protest in Arkansas. A few time zones away, the Portland chapter announced its withdrawal from the Temple, citing alignment with neo-Nazism among other charges.

If you’ve lost track of the infernal drama, and who hasn’t, The Cut has a rundown, including the Corey Feldman situation.

Also in the universe of The Satanic Temple dramas – by way of the Temple of Set via the Church of Satan, which has been in a running verbal gun battle with TST spanning years – Michael A. Aquino has self-published a “50th anniversary revision” of The Satanic Bible, most synonymous with Anton LaVey. This book, however, bears no connection to LaVey’s. Got that straight?

In music, Hungary’s veteran atmospheric black metal crew Sear Bliss released their eighth album this week. Letters From The Edge from Hammerheart Records which was originally slated for a July release and features “Shroud,” whose lyric video came out in May.

“Almost Dead Dog” is the preview for Mamaleek’s forthcoming album, Out of Time. The duo’s sound is more on the avant garde/experimental wing of black metal, but nonetheless intriguing.

And finally, Italian black metal act The Secret released the trailer for Lux Tenebris, its upcoming Southern Lord full-length:

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Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – July 20, 2018

wake up and smell satan

The Satanic Temple announced the public reopening of its national headquarters in a week or so. The Salem Art Gallery, among other things, contains the massive Baphomet statue that drew much media attention a few years back.

What has become known as non-theistic Satanism (those who do not recognize Satan as a deity or figure, but rather an idea) was popularized by Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan decades ago. But organizations like the Church of Satan, the Satanic Temple and others spark an interesting debate: where does secularization of faith become cultural appropriation, even among Satanists? Given the leftist orientation of TST and a few others, the historical placement of religion in the world and neoliberal trends around faith are intriguing issues. Continue reading