Rainbows in the Dark: Ian’s Best of 2020 List for Nonmetal

Best of 2020

This past year has seen some of the most exhilarating and emotionally deep metal that I’ve seen in a while, but what about the non-metal side of things?  Well, fortunately we’ve had just as many pleasant surprises on that front, and just as much music that will ultimately be talked about for years to come.  It bears repeating that I am humbled that I am in the position to be able to talk at length about all of this, and boy there sure is a lot to talk about.  From deep, brooding atmosphere to technical wizardry to lo-fi indie glory, polished folk and everything in between, there’s a lot to get into, so strap in as we bring you the very best of all things non-metal and metal adjacent.

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Album Review: Covet — “technicolor”

To say that Covet blew up quickly is something of an understatement.  The San Francisco based math-rock darlings are set to release only their second album, technicolor, but they’ve managed to garner an incredibly impressive internet presence, a not-insignificant portion of which is a vehicle to display frontwoman Yvette Young’s fretboard wizardy and bubbly personality.  I’ve been following them for as long as the almighty YouTube algorithm has been recommending me their online lessons and playthroughs, and there is no less dazzle here than previously, but on technicolor, the band manages to stretch textures to their limit and, to great effect. Continue reading

CANTO: Black Anvil, Covet, Beartooth, and More


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