Best of 2022: Colin’s List

Best of 2022

Having only just joined the 9C crew around the end of November, I was hit with the sudden realization that I needed to get an EOY list together very soon. My top two slots were pretty much locked in, but the remainder needed a lot of work. I certainly haven’t had the time to craft the most immaculate Best Of list, but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out. I wouldn’t have expected two EPs to make this list, and I’m glad that my top two slots are bands totally new to me in 2022. There’s a lot of material from last year I never had the opportunity to check out, but that’s what “Things I Missed” lists are for right?

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Album Review: Daeva – “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…”

We’ve said it before and I’m sure it will come up again (in fact, I know we talked about this in the most recent Album of the Month chat), but there is truly something about the way that a band chooses to style themselves that says everything about what you’re going to find inside.  In the same way that you eat with your eyes first at a fancy restaurant, you listen for the first time when you look at the album cover, and in this case, Daeva hit the unholy trinity of dope, old school album art, a bitchin’ logo and the all-important ellipsis in the title of their long-awaited debut Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…

It’s been five long years since Daeva broke onto the scene with their ripping debut EP Pulsing Dark Absorptions.  While an absence like that would be telling of a band that isn’t going anywhere, in Daeva’s case, it’s because three of the four members are already in Crypt Sermon, who are doing absolute work, and it’s no surprise that 20 Buck Spin also chose to incorporate Daeva into their fold as well.  Where Crypt Sermon unleashes bestial, roaring death metal, Daeva ventures into frigid, icy black thrash, blending the old school with modern twists and a whole lot of guitar pyrotechnics.  The aesthetics, from the cavernous, echoey vocals to the spiderweb thin guitars and wild, noodly solos to the overtly Satanic lyrics and even the aforementioned album cover, explode the kind of righteous 80’s fun and 90’s ambience that is often missing from modern metal.  This is an album that takes pleasure in how ridiculously over-the-top it is, and that in my opinion is one of the hallmarks of good blackthrash.  

Any album that opens with an eerie, ominous intro pretty much automatically gets a seal of approval from me, but where Through Sheer Will really opens up is when the actual riffs kick in, because holy shit, these riffs are insane.  Not insane in the way that death metal riffs chug your brains out, but insane in the way that they burn through a veritable cacophony of atonal black metal, up and down the fretboard in a ludicrously small amount of time.  It almost feels inhuman how much sheer sound is packed into such a tight space, but somehow guitarist Steve Jansson not only does it, but makes it look easy.  There is so much happening, so much complexity in these riffs that while it hearkens back to the heyday of black metal and thrash, there truly is nothing else out there that sounds like this.  From the moment the intro riff to “The Architect and the Monument” kicks in, Through Sheer Will never lets up.  The pedal goes all the way to the floor and stays that way, from the wild abandon of “Passion Under the Hammer” to the outrageous guitar solo in “Loosen the Tongue of the Dead” to the epic closer “Luciferian Return”.  That is to say nothing of the classic thrashy bark of vocalist Edward Gonet, whose Satanic lyrics effortlessly straddle the line between super serious and goofy retro, or the way drummer Enrique Sagamaga’s effortless blasts keep the songs careening forward at breakneck speed.  Most importantly, though, is that this album is just a good time to listen to.  In the way that the best black metal and thrash metal is, Through Sheer Will celebrates the simple joy of letting loose and going absolute apeshit.

This is honestly the most purely evil sounding music that I have heard in a long time, and I mean this in the best way possible.  Blackthrash should be fast, furious and fun, and Through Sheer Will is exactly that and more.  For a formula as straightforward as blackthrash, this one has a lot of creativity in it that will surprise the oldheads, and a lot of hooks and raw aesthetics that will bring in new followers to the dark flock.


Through Sheer Will and Black Magic… is out October 14 on 20 Buck Spin.  For more information on Daeva, visit their Facebook page.

Initial Descent: October 9 – 15, 2022

Daeva – courtesy of Scott Kinkade

Are we all knee deep in our 31 days of horror? Of course we are (just nod and carry on). On that; for those unaware, our man Chris is knee deep in his Blood Red column so be sure to keep up with that. Alrighty then, new metal and we got it yet again this week. We kick things off with a nasty speed demon from Daeva, a wicked deathcore outing from Lorna Shore, ripping death metal from both Ripped To Shreds and Catalyst, as well as many more in the list that follows. And yes, it’s another stellar week for new releases so dive in, turn up, and get some. We’ll see you here throughout the week.

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Steve Jansson and Enrique Sagarnaga of Daeva on their new album “Through Sheer Will And Black Magic…” and more!

Image courtesy of Scott Kinkade

It’s been awhile since last hearing from Daeva. Five years to be exact. And since that time they’ve taken their brand of sweaty, priest burning black / thrash metal to a whole new level. Their EP, Pulsing Dark Absorptions, was a lightning rod, but debut full length Through Sheer Will And Black Magic… will turn heads far below the southern end of the cross. To put it in quick layman’s terms; imagine Mayhem and GG Allin in a knife fight and you’re in the realm of what’s included here. Buke recently spoke with guitarist Steve Jansson and drummer Enrique Sagarnaga about the new album, how it came to be, their much lauded Crypt Sermon ties, and a ton more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

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