Album Review: Jungle Rot – “Order Shall Prevail”

Jungle Rot - Order Shall Prevail

If Jungle Rot somehow isn’t on your personal list of absolute death metal institutions, then you’re doing it wrong—simple as that. Since their formation in 1994, the band has kept more or less the same formula of grooving death metal, with recurring themes of corruption, death, war and others. Think of them as the AC/DC of death metal; after their first couple of powerhouse releases, fans knew more or less what to expect, and knew not to worry about any experimentation or sullying of the band’s aesthetic. And that holds true once again on the band’s new, eighth full-length, Order Shall Prevail. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Jungle Rot’s “Eternal Agony”

Jungle Rot

I’ve been on a bit of a death metal bender lately, and in going through some of my old favorites, I ran across a gem that was a standard in my tape deck back in the day: Jungle Rot’s Skin The Living. Back in 1995, already head over heels with Deicide’s brand of Satanic metal, I got wind of this release and hounded the guys at my local record shop on an almost daily basis until somehow, some way, one of them came through with a copy. So now, it’s time I look back and gush a little…. Continue reading