Album Review: Dawn Ray’d — “To Know the Light”

What can you do to keep the fire burning? From the microcosm of dealing with severe burnout in a world where wages are stagnant for the majority of the working class while workloads are ever increasing, to dealing with larger fears surrounding geopolitical turmoil and legislative attacks on the rights of society’s already marginalized, the question of how to find the purpose to keep going every morning becomes a refrain echoing in the back of the heads of so many of us, myself included. Musical artists certainly find themselves in the same position, especially those whose raison d’etre puts them hand in hand with a struggle for a better, more just world like the UK’s Dawn Ray’d. When your message feels more and more vital as every day goes by, how do you find the determination to not just keep your art going, but put out something that feels fresh and invigorating? If you’re Dawn Ray’d, you go completely back to the drawing board, and give us To Know the Light, an album that is not just a reinvention of the band themselves, but a reinvention of what black metal, folk, and protest music can be in this day and age.

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CANTO: Dawn Ray’d, Tribulation, Spirit Possession, and More

Weird vibes in the air today. No into it!

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Dawn Ray’d, Oak, Periphery, and More

Hammering this out quickly, because I actually have something to do after work for a change.

  • Leading off our Thursday, we have an update from Dawn Ray’d. Their new album, To Know The Light, is set for a March 24th release through Prosthetic Records. Give “Ancient Light” a watch and listen.
  • I know a few of us are excited about Periphery V: Djent is Not a Genre, so we’ll go to the full update from Periphery next. Their new album is out on March 10th through their own 3DOT Recordings, and they’re streaming a couple new tracks, titled “Wildfire” and “Zagreus”. Get all that good stuff through this link.
  • Experimental dark doomers Fvnerals dropped a new single titled “Yearning”, which can be heard here. That’s taken from the duo’s forthcoming new album, Let the Earth Be Silent, which is set for a February 3rd release through Prophecy Productions.
  • Symphonic metal veterans Kamelot are releasing The Awakening on March 17th through Napalm Records, and today they shared the first single from that effort. Give “One More Flag in the Ground” a listen here.
  • We’ll close out with the latest from Oak, something I am quite excited about. The video for “Disintegrate II” is available below. Their new album, Disintegrate, which is in actuality a single 45-minute doom metal pummeling, is out on February 10th through Season of Mist.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”