CANTO: Khemmis, Ghost, Tronos, and More


There is a very real chance this is the only Canto you see this week. None of me apologizes for that. Also, it’s April 1st… is any of this news even real?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Throwback Thursday: The Artwork of Michael Whelan

michael_whelanThe recent resurgence in vinyl has brought one very important aspect of the album experience back to the forefront: Taking time to really examine the artwork and let your eyes wander over the small details that the respective artist spent so much time perfecting. I’ve always loved the relationship between the music and the artwork, and the works of Michael Whelan are a testament that an Old English logo and black and white pictures can only go so far. On today’s Retrospective, we’ll examine the trajectory of his work on album covers from all niches of heavy metal.  Continue reading