Horns Up’s Best of Q1: Manny-O-War’s List

horns up best of q1

I trust my colleagues will update you on the likes of black metal, death metal and all the other genres of metal that permeate this scene like the sprawling architecture of Los Angeles. I, on the other hand, want to circle back to something I brought up in my review of Visigoth’s The Revenant King: that 2015 will be the year of power metal; the year that true heavy metal returns in all its cheesy, original glory; the year that age-appropriate music becomes available en masse and à la mode for all of us elder statespeople of metal. How’d that play out? Let’s see: Continue reading

Album Review: Die Like Gentlemen – “Five Easy Lies”


This was not an album I was anticipating.  It wasn’t even on my radar. In fact, I was just poking around a few holes for something different to review this week when I randomly saw the creepy cover art for Five Easy Lies—Toulouse-Lautrec apparently paid a hooker to pose for him—as well as the name of the band responsible for it, Die Like Gentleman, and was instantly intrigued. This is a healthy, and quite catchy, concoction of sludge, doom and post-hardcore.

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