Album Review:  Faetooth — “Remnants of the Vessel”

Bringing otherworldly hazy doom goodness, LA-based quartet Faetooth is here with their debut full-length album Remnants of the Vessel.  The band is self described as “fairy doom” and it is easy to see why.  Their music is full of dreamy clean vocals, echoing harsh vocals, entrancing riffs, and meditative shoegaze melodies with lyrical themes around nature and lore.  Their music conjures imagery of foggy forests, gnarled branches, and the divine mysterious beauty in our natural selves and surroundings.  The band released a well-received EP in 2019 and attention to these up and comers continues to grow—as it should.  Remnants of the Vessel is an impressive debut that showcases Faetooth’s talents as a band and as individual musicians. 

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