Initial Descent: February 12 – 18, 2017

Frowning’s Val Atra Niteris

Another week and another mass of new metal here on Initial Descent. Did you make it through Valentines ok? Well, if you did or if you didn’t we have a home for you here with tons of new and exciting stuff to dig into so lets get right to it. Funeral doom titans Frowning offer up their second full length of phenomenally executed grief on Extinct, Sunlight’s Bane go straight for the jugular on their utterly terrifying blackened grind debut The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried, Obitus go long with a single track but go heavy on relentlessly vicious black metal on Slaves of the Vast Machine and Stinking Lizaveta continue their adventurous journey through instrumental compositions of doom, stoner, rock and many other genres on Journey To the UnderworldAs usual that’s just the tip of the iceberg so dive in as there’s so much great stuff to get into this week and spoiler alert: the sheer amount of quality is going to get ridiculous from here on out. Ready, set, go… Continue reading

Album Review: Frowning – “Extinct”


Funeral doom. Anyone outside the boundaries of metal would scoff at reading that and would probably think “just how is something born from loss, sadness and despair going to be any good let alone something that anyone would want to listen to.” The answer is: for the same reason anyone listens to anything and don’t judge a book by a cover you can’t read. On second full length, Extinct, Frowning demand just over an hour but in that time completely enthrall with some of the best funeral doom these ears have heard in quite some time. Continue reading