The Nine Circles Ov… Ulver

It’s always daunting to do this column to begin with, since most of the bands we cover in Nine Circles Ov… have huge discographies. Add that, then, to the fact that today’s band left the metal scene long ago but are still recognized by metal listeners as important, and you have a conundrum. Norway’s Ulver phased out of metal early in their career, and since the late 90s have covered just about every musical style under the sun, amassing an array of releases over time. This list doesn’t begin to plumb the depths of what they have to offer, but here are the Nine Circles Ov… Ulver. Continue reading

The Nine Circles ov… Borknagar


From starting out as a band who seemingly arrived late to the party of Norwegian black metal to being “Hey, their singer was the opera guy in Dimmu Borgir!” Borknagar have always seemed to be on the outer fringes of whatever movements in metal happened in their country. Too proggy for the kvlt kids and too blastbeat-ridden for the prog crowd, Borknagar have occupied a very strange niche in the metal community alongside outfits like Arcturus, Enslaved, Vintersorg, and Solefald. (All of these have had past or present members of Borknagar, surprise!) Continue reading