Album Review: Brutus – “Murwgebeukt”

brutus murwgebeukt

I’m not the writer that’s going to get into the politics and intricacies of brutal death metal. Rather, I will take a look at Brutus’ 2016 release Murwgebeukt through a purely musical lens. Further, while I can assume their lyrics and topics are not my own and are potentially adverse to my personal stances (based on the cover art) they sing in their native language which I will never be able to understand no matter how many hours I spend with Rosetta Stone. So, with that said, we explore the gruesome musical brutality of Brutus. Continue reading

Album Review: Generichrist – “Taste of Death”

Generichrist Taste of Death

It’s something of an accomplishment to come up with an album cover that’s somehow more offensive than Spinal Tap’s Smell The Glove. But Generichrist might just have done so with the artwork for their new album, Taste of Death, which features a jacked, maggot-dripping redneck zombie receiving fellatio from a scantily clad lady-of-the-night, whom he’s moments away from killing. So yes, they came hard out of the gate…but can the music actually back it up? Continue reading