Drinking with Satan: Balmog – “Svmma Fide”

drinking with satan

Here we go again: it’s time for “Drinking with Satan.” Let’s review: in this column, I stupidly get myself immersed in several layers of booze and review, to use that term lightly, an upcoming or recently released black metal album. It’s good fun…less so for me than for you. But let’s be real, I’m doing this for you guys anyway. Well, you guys and Satan, that is. I’m a giver, after all.

Anyway, full disclosure, I didn’t want to write this tonight. In fact, I hate all of you for the peer pressure of getting this done for tomorrow’s run. As I start this, it’s 10:30 PM on Thursday night—the night before this is due to run. I was in Boston from 6:00 AM until about 20 minutes ago working…and maybe a drinking little after. Okay, drinking a lot after. (Mostly Harpoon IPA, because I don’t respect myself.) Anyway, It was a long day and I kinda lost the motivation (and the buzz) during the early stages of the trip back. However, like the true champion I am, I rallied. While sitting in bullshit I-95 traffic hating everyone, I took a glimpse at the artwork for the album I’m going to be talking about and all of a sudden my inspiration was reborn. I thought, “Hey, I hate humanity. I’m in a bad mood. This looks evil. Let’s discuss it… with myself… when I get home.”

So here I am. Episode 2 of “Drinking with Satan” (the game YOU always win and I always lose) features Balmog‘s Svmma Fidewhile I dabble in the wondrous liquids of Ayinger Bräu Weisse (5.1% ABV), Lagunitas NightTime (8.2%), and Andean Brewing Company’s Kuka Golden Ale (9.2%). Oh. And I’m chasing this all with Johnnie Walker Black Label. Why? Because it tastes like a fucking camp fire and I like fucking camp fires. So leave me alone. Shall we begin? The answer rhymes with “yes.”

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